Neil-DeGrasse-TysonMost of us now accept that Claudius Ptolemy was full of prunes, and that Copernicus had the straight dope on how the heavens roll.  I mean, Neil would have told us if all of this “solar system” business was really just somebody messing with our heads.   He’d have been all over Twitter with it in a New York minute. 

OK.  So, you know that the Sun is at the center of the solar system, and that the Earth orbits around it but here’s a little thought experiment for you next time you’re watching a sunrise or a sunset: Try to put this knowledge where your gut is.  Try to convince yourself of the fact that you are the one who is moving, not the Sun.  It’s hard, isn’t it.  Your senses tell you that the Earth beneath your feet is motionless and that it is the Sun that’s doing the moving, but no.  It’s the Earth spinning like a top around its axis that’s carrying you into and back out of the light shining on us from the relatively stationary Sun.

Now, think about this.  The Earth under your feet is hurtling around the sun at a pretty good clip. So, if you can do a head stand, then you can do 67,108 mph/108,000 kph standing on your head.