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IMG_1613IMG_1612After I was done daddysitting, I came home by way of Office Max (my printer’s almost out of yellow) and Home Depot.  I needed some big cup hooks and another package of washers.  While I was there, I got a brain wave.  I have this folding screen that I use to block off my computer so the kitties can’t get up on my computer desk, chew my headphone cord, etc.  However, now that the other pegboard is in place, there’s a loophole in my computer defenses. There’s about a 12-inch gap between the table top and the top of the file box where the kitties can easily get through. It will be closed when I get a filing cabinet, but until then, cords are vulnerable.  I got a 2″ x 2″ x 8′ piece of wood (which I got them to cut in half), and two 2′ x 4′ pieces of lauann  and made a little enclosure which closes the loophole nicely.  That was the first task I completed once I got home.

Then I got my kitty decals put on in the two living room windows and the office window.  I had these at the duplex.  They’re the kind of decals that are made of vinyl and stick electrostatically so they don’t mar the glass and are removable and reusable.  I got two of the last three of my suncatchers hung. I put the large hooks on the bottom of my reader’s table to hold the 12 foot cord from the plug strip.

IMG_1621 IMG_1624Then I started in on the bedroom window.  I had to move the bed out from the wall, clean up three instances of kitty urp, take the drapes down, and get the old cardboard thing down.  It was a simple matter to stick the foam weather stripping to the Styrofoam insulation.  This was the key step that was going to make this work.  While I had the window exposed, I put a celtic knot decal on the window and hung my guardian angel suncatcher.  Then I put up the piece of Styrofoam insulation.  I used screws through metal washers for three sides, and taped the bottom with Gorilla Tape.  While I had the bed pulled out, I vacuumed behind the headboard.  I also put in an extra screw to hold the plug strip that I have hung on the back of my headboard (I have an air purifier, a lamp, a cordless phone handset, and an internet radio on that bedside table that need plugging in, and only two plugs to plug them into.  If I want to read on my Kindle,  what then?). Then I put the curtains back up, gave the carpet a good spritzing of Febreeze, and pushed the bed back against the wall.

Then I dusted, vacuumed again, emptied the trash (including the old cardboard window covering), cleaned the cat box and emptied that trash can. Here directly, I’m going to clean the bathrooms then take my bath.  Before I go to bed, I’ll cut up an onion, and do some other prep for my dinner tomorrow. We’re having hot dogs with all the fixings, including chili.  I have some storage containers that have glass dishes and plastic sealable lids.  I’ll put the onion in one and the cheese in another.  I’ll wait until tomorrow to decant the chili and the baked beans so I can heat them beforehand. I’ll serve buffet style.  I’ve got little TV tables that I’ll set up for us to eat from so we can watch a movie while we eat.  I serve the hot dogs in those wide, flat soup bowls so people can really load them up, and then eat them with a knife and fork.  Since there will be chili involved, it won’t be nearly so messy as trying to wrap them in a paper towel or some other kind of wrapper, then pick them up and bite them.