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IMG_1604IMG_1605. . . But it’s a complicated one — putting the piece of foam board over the bedroom window, which I will do tomorrow.  Today, I got the slender pieces of wood screwed onto the other piece of pegboard, moved the piece of plywood out from the wall, and put the pegboard in place.  Then I got the hooks hung and everything hung on the hooks.  I taped postcards from friends and other such eye candy up above the one pegboard.  In addition, the caster on the leg of my chair had been moving back and forth across this one area of the plywood causing the surface to splinter and a rut to be dug into the wood, so I unscrewed the chair mat from the plywood, moved it forward to cover this area and screwed it back down.

IMG_1608IMG_1607Then I hung the remaining pictures over the bookcases.  All four of these are the artwork of Susan Seddon Boulet from old calendars.  There are two unicorns on the wall above my Marian artwork that’s sitting on top of the bookcase.  (That’s Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré in the gilt frame on the furthest right, and Luc-Olivier Merson‘s “Rest on the Flight into Egyptin the gilt frame at furthest left) Seddon Boulet is perhaps best known for her goddess paintings.  I’ve two of them above the Gaelic and Chinese goddess statuettes  That’s Ixchel the Mayan jaguar goddess on the left and Spider Woman/Grandmother (Na’ashjéii Asdzáá) on the right.  Spider Woman features in Diné Bahaneʼ  the creation myth of the Diné.

IMG_1609IMG_1610I also put the plug strip on the bottom of my little reader’s table so I have a place to plug in my internet radio, a little desk lamp and my Kindle.

The only little things left to do in the office now, are get new glass for the picture that fell and rehang it, find a place for my new vacuum, and do something with the three remaining boxes and their contents.

This morning, I paid my August rent, and went to the grocery store as I have dinner guests coming Saturday (hence the “final push” to get everything done).  Then early this afternoon, I fixed my BFF’s computer again.  She had gotten a browser hijacker popup thingie that was driving her crazy, so I got rid of that, downloaded Malwarebytes and did a scan and cleaned up the odds and ends from the annoying little virus thing. I showed her how to run a scan.  McAfee came with the computer, but I don’t think much of that program.  The free version of Malwarebytes is better than the “full up” version of McAfee.

Earlier, I washed a load of towels, (including a new set of burgundy towels for my full bath) and then washed my bed linens.  I just now made my bed.  Once I post this, I’ll take my shower, and go to bed.  I go daddysit bright and early tomorrow morning (7:30) so my mom can go to the beauty saloon.