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IMG_1583IMG_1573That is, tasks left to do to get the apartment in shape. Last Thursday night I sorted out my books.  It was highly satisfying to put them in the “proper” order:  Female scifi/fantasy authors (that accounted for a bookcase and 3/5), male scifi/fantasy authors (a bookcase), comics (including a complete collection of Calvin and Hobbes), graphic novels and books about art (the tall bookcase), and mixed general fiction (the dark bookcase).  Then the remaining 2/5 of the one bookcase was for fairy tales, myths, legends, special books, notebooks containing things like my mom’s family geneology, a dictionary of Líídá, scrap books, craft books and knitting patterns.  The “special books” are a copy of Mosses from an Old Manse that belonged to my great aunt E.E. (sister of my maternal grandfather), a copy of “The Ballad of Reading Gaol” published during Wilde’s lifetime, a Methodist hymnbook (just words, no music) belonging to my great grandmother, etc.

No, it’s not OCD.  People with OCD are compelled to perform certain actions because they are obsessed  by the idea that some terrible thing will happen if they don’t.  They may be compelled to check to see if the burners on the stove are off, because of their obsession with the idea that the gas might have been left on and a disastrous fire or gas explosion might result.  They check the burners repeatedly, compulsively — like every five or ten minutes. A person with OCD may believe that  every time they turn a light switch on or off, if they do not turn it on and off a certain number of times in a certain pattern (magical thinking), some catastrophe will befall them or their loved ones.  The compulsive hand washer has become obsessed IMG_1578with the notion that their hands have become contaminated with some lethal disease and they will either sicken and die from it or expose their loved ones to it and they will sicken and die.  No, it’s not OCD.  It’s just imposing order on my environment.  I have previously described the M&M/Reese’s Pieces color thing I do (again, not OCD) where I sort the candies out by color and eat them in a particular order.  Again, not OCD.  I do not suffer any delusions about dire consequences that might befall me or mine if I don’t do it.  There are so many things in my life I cannot control.  I control what I can.

I had a Little Ceasar’s attack just now.  Nipped up to their store and got a three meat pizza, a cheeze bread and a regular wings. (For me, that’s four or five meals’ worth of food, BTW)  Prepared a plate, was headed back to my computer, didn’t even get into the hallway when the black one came unfed — without preamble! I don’t know what it is.  It seems the minute I get a meal prepared and sit down to eat it, somebody either comes unfed or refunds a hairball.  It’s almost like clockwork.

IMG_1601OK.  Now the vacuum cleaner saga.  It was guaranteed to be delivered by Saturday.  I was home from about noon Friday, to 9 o’clock Sunday morning.  No vacuum cleaner. After all day Saturday and no vacuum, I got on the Amazon website at about 7:20 p.m and clicked on the tracking info.  According to Amazon, it was delivered at 2:39 p.m. on Friday afternoon, and somebody named “Payne” signed for it.  In the first place, it wasn’t delivered to me, and who the heck is this “Payne” person who has my $160 vacuum!! Fast forward to this morning shortly after 9 a.m.  I go over to the manager’s office, .et voilà  There it is.  UPS made no attempt whatever to deliver to my residence.  They did not leave one of their little notes saying “We (thought about attempting to) deliver it, but nobody was home so we left it at the office.”  They just took it to the manager’s office and left it.  I lugged it home, put it together, and test drove it all over the house. Money well spent!  I had not vacuumed since I moved in on May 19th, and the picture at right is what it looks like to have three shedding cats (see below) and not having vacuumed for two and a half months, more or less.  It weighs only 12 pounds (approximately 5.4 kg). It has three settings:  Off, Floors, and Carpet.  When you’re in the carpet mode and return it to the upright position, suction continues, but the brush turns off, so you don’t have to turn the vacuum completely off to keep the brush from “digging a hole” in your carpetIMG_1603.  It cleans very thoroughly. The “bag” detaches so I can take it outside to the dumpster and empty it.  I haven’t used it with just the canister and the special pet brush yet, but so far, I’m entirely pleased with it.  Now if I can just find a place to put it when its not in use.

Two tasks left:  Put the styrofoam insulation panel over the bedroom window, and fix the other pegboard for my computer area which, besides screwing the pieces of wood to the pegboard, also entails taking the recliner and the computer table off the piece of plywood on the floor, and pulling it out from the wall about 2 inches so the pegboard will go between it and the baseboard. In order to put the styrofoam panel over the window, first I have to take the curtains down, then I’ve got to stick some foam door weatherstripping to the styrofoam panel so it will “seal” against the textured wall, put it against the wall and fasten it with screws threaded through quarter coin-size metal washers — just plain screws will pull through the panel.   I have 11 washers.  (Why the package only contains 11 instead of an “even” dozen is beyond me.)

At some point later on, I need to tear a couple “lawn and leaf” plastic bags off the roll and do a clothing cull.  I need to try on everything in both closets and chests of drawers (except unmentionables) and whatever doesn’t fit, in the bag it goes.  Then the bags will be donated to Goodwill or Catholic Family Services or someplace like that.

I think I’m going to start a filing cabinet fund so I can get a good metal two-drawer filing cabinet. Once I get the other pegboard in place the kitties will be able to do an end run around the screen I’ll be using to protect my computer equipment.  I’ll have to get a piece of poster board to block off that hole in my defenses until I get the filing cabinet.