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Terry Windling recently had a post up on her blog, Myth and Moor, about literary marriages.  Herself an artist, author and editor, Windling is married to a protean playwright/musician/puppeteer.  She commented in particular on the marriage of Virginia and Leonard Woolf and pulled this quote from Olivia Laing’s book, To the River “These two couples nurtured a kind of fertile separateness, a solitude à deux that seems totally at odds with our modern concept of marriage. It is striking how frequently Virginia Woolf and John Bayley in particular write of the pleasure of writing alone in a room, knowing that somewhere else in the house, in their own private sphere, their spouse is also happily at work.”

After reading that post, I had a poetry attack:

Solitude á Deux

Now that would be a nice marriage.
A solar system of two planets,
both orbiting the same star,
yet each a world unto themselves.
It would, of course,
necessitate development
of interplanetary travel,
but, oh, how nice
for each to know
there was another world nearby
full of untold wonders,
that traveling there
was easy and convenient,
and that the natives were friendly.


Poem © 2014 The Owl Underground
Poem © 2014 The Owl Underground Image © 2013 Michal Karcz

Poem © 2014 The Owl Underground
Image © 2013 Michal Karcz