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I stayed up late Monday (didn’t go to bed until nearly noon Tuesday!) and I was hot when I woke up after 5 p.m.  Lay in the bed and read until 8 p.m.  Was still hot.  Got up to look at the thermostat to see what the temperature was, and it was blank.  Changed out the batteries.  No soap.  Still blank.  The blower still works, but there is no temperature control to turn the cooling function on, so it’s after midnight now,  it’s 80F/26.6C n my bedroom, and I’m sweating like the proverbial pig.  Did me a whole lot of good to take a shower and wash my hair.  I sent an email to my apartment manager to the effect that my thermostat is kaput.  Naturally, and most inconveniently, I have jury duty tomorrow and I have to be downtown and sitting in the jury pool room by 8 a.m.  We have to turn off our cellphones while we’re there so there’s no way the apartment manager can get in touch with me.  I am already worried sick because it’s supposed to be 97F/36.1C tomorrow, and the white one has such long fur, and he’s 15.  Even short haired cats don’t tolerate heat very well, and he’s already lying on his back which mean’s he’s hot.  So I’m going to be down town and my poor babies are going to be shut up in my bedroom in case they come fix my thermostat while I’m gone.  . . . .

Drawing © 2014 Doodlemum

Drawing © 2014 Doodlemum

This just in:  I checked the County website again — Jury Duty is Cancelled!!!  I don’t have to report.  WHEW! Now I can stay home and melt until they get my thermostat fixed.

I hope they can get it done tomorrow. Surely, they can . . .?  This weekend it’s supposed to be up in the 100’sF/37.7+C on both Saturday and Sunday.  I may have to empty and wash out out a spray bottle of something and mist us to keep us cool. That will not be popular with the kitties. If things get too bad I might can MacGyver a swamp box with a pan of water, a towel and a fan. . .