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Evidently, I got a bum battery, because the brand new batteries I put in the thermostat were straight from the package.  One of them was dead, according to the handy man, who twiddled and fiddled with the thermostat for a total of five minutes and got it working again.  This was shortly after 10 a.m. (I probably was not holding my mouth right when I put the batteries in . . . ) Thankfully, the house had already cooled down somewhat since midnight and it was only 78F/25.5C inside when he got the thing working again.  It got cooled down to 76F/24.4C pretty quickly and I and the kitties crawled into bed and crashed out.

Today is payday, and I just ordered a vacuum.  My BFF has this kind and she likes it a lot, particularly the “pet brush,” which is a brush with motorized head that goes on the hose, which is for upholstery (and in my case, the bed spread). They promise it will be here on Saturday.  I guess I shall have to put a sign on my door, underneath that jive doorbell, “I am here, press hard.”  The doorbell does work, but it’s a mechanical bell, rather than an electronic one, so you have to press the doorbell button firmly to make it plong.

I’ve had my bowl of Kashi Cinnamon Harvest cereal and Silk vanilla almond milk, and that’s given me the energy I need to go back to sleep.  (A cup of almond milk, a container of yogurt, and a cup of appropriate fruit plus ice in a blender makes a great smoothie, by the way.  Just saying.)

When the white kitty woke me up (Did I mention what a little diva he is?), I was dreaming that the Queen and I were lying on our stomachs on the floor while I explained to her the intricacies of a particular treadmill.  This particular treadmill was a “tandem” treadmill and was linked to another treadmill.  Whatever the other treadmill did, this one did also.  There was a part that folded out, and when it was folded out on one treadmill, it would fold out automatically on the other one.  Evidently whoever had this treadmill was unhappy about this and and had nailed that part shut so it wouldn’t unfold.