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Worked all Thursday night (46 minutes of dictation = 18 pages), and all Friday night trying to make $80 to pay my electricity bill.  I would have done it, too, except, after having typed since 10 o’clock Friday night, I ran out of gas at 9 o’clock Saturday morning 5 minutes into a 34 minute sound file (worth $22).  I’d already transcribed 50 minutes of dictation (=16 pages) by that point, and I’d reached the pushing-a-chain stage. (Reference a Cousin Minnie Pearl routine: And hyar come Brother a’draggin’ this heavy ol’ loggin’ chain down the road a’hind of him, and I said, “Brother, why are you a’draggin’ that ol’ chain around ‘ahind of you?” And Brother said, “Did you ever try pushin’ one?”) I was looking at another 3 or 4 hours of typing and I just couldn’t do it.  I was just too tired and my finger joints hurt.  The 71 minutes I’d typed over the two days worked out to $61, and I had enough in the bank to take up the slack and still pay my “Oz”* water bill and buy two ink cartridges for my printer. (The magenta cartridge was empty and the cyan cartridge is almost empty).  I’ve taken to working at night because the choice of sound files is better, and the three kids that live upstairs (none of whom are in school yet) are asleep.  Even so, all four sound files were taped phone conversations — you can hear the person making the call fine, but the sound quality of the person they’re talking to can be problematic. Out of the four, one transcript was graded, and I got a 5/5, which is the best score you can get. However, rejecting that one sound file Saturday morning means I have to type the next six sound files I take and can’t reject any of them or I screw up my average.

I wrote the above early Sunday morning.  It’s early Tuesday morning now.  I went to Paypal to check the exact amount that had been deposited so I would know how much I needed to take out of my other account when I paid my electricity bill.  Guess what.  My Paypal account, which had been empty last week, was still empty. No deposit had been made.  &^%$#*&)@#!Q!@.  I just emailed that jive outfit I work for about this and now I’ll be cooling my heels until they get around to replying.  I doubt I’ll be going to bed any time soon since they’re in San Francisco, and two hours behind us, I can’t call them until 10 o’clock my time, assuming I can get anybody to answer the phone, and assuming I can get a straight answer.  %^&$%$#!@#$% and furthermore, #%*&^@$#@!  Needless to say, if they had a problem with making or processing the depositing, they didn’t bother to let anybody (like me!) know about it.

In other news, for the past couple of days, the white one has occasionally been putting weight on his gimpy foot.  He’ll walk on it for maybe five or six steps, then go back to hopping on the one foreleg.  However, when he is walking on his foot, you can tell he’s not putting his full weight on it.   Since he didn’t start limping until last week. That argues he’s not done anything very serious to his foot, and that it was probably just a sprain.  The little dweeb has been up on my computer desk again, and has chewed on my earphone cord.  Fortunately, he didn’t break through the insulation.  I get so perturbed at the little beast sometimes.

It was thundering earlier.  My weather widget shows it’s raining.  Looked out the front door a while ago and the parking lot is wet, so it has been raining.  If it is still raining, it’s not raining very hard.  More like drizzling. We’re forecast for more of the same for today and the next two days.  Yes, please!




*”Oz” – reverse osmosis