On my way home from daddysitting yesterday, I stopped off at the bank and made a deposit, went by the health supplement store to get more N-acetylcysteine, then went to Lowe’s.  I had previously gotten some washers and screws with the intention of screwing a piece of cardboard over the window when I could find a solid piece that would entirely cover the window.  (The current piece is an unfolded box and in order to make the width, flaps had to be included.  The Gorilla Tape I used to tape over the flaps is not as opaque as you would think. ) Yesterday, I came home with a piece of 1/2-inch foam insulation and longer screws.  (It practically took an Act of Congress to get the foam board into the back seat of the Crayola, but I managed.)  After my stint at Lowe’s I hit Walmart to get dryer strips and sprinkle cheese, and $90 later I left by way of McDonald’s with a bacon whatever it is.

Got home, got the car unloaded, put the groceries away, and went into the bedroom to slip into something cooler.  Picked my slacks up off the floor to get my cell phone out of my pocket, and the pocket was empty. Oh, no.  My cellphone’s fallen out of my pocket and I’ve lost it somewhere.   Put my slacks back on, went out and checked the car.  No cellphone.  Nuts.  As I’m eating my bacon whatever, I’m calling Lowe’s — anybody turned in a royal blue flip phone in a black case?  Nope. Thing’s got over $70 worth of minutes on it  If somebody finds it are they going to turn it in?  I call the health supplement store.  No, nobody found a cellphone.  Dipping my French fries in catsup and calling Walmart.  No, nobody’s turned one in.  Nuts.  All those numbers in my contact list, most of them not written down anywhere else.  Gone.  Double nuts.  In between bites of my bacon whatever, I’m thinking, Lowe’s stays open til nine, and Walmart’s open 24/7, and I can go retrace my steps.  What if I still don’t find it?  Radio Shack stays open til 9.  They have cellphones.  Do I have enough money to pay my Suddenlink bill and buy a cellphone, too?  Then I think.  Just for completeness’ sake, I’ll go check under my pillow.  I pull back my pillow and there it is.  Over an hour of stewing about losing it and what am I going to do? and the durn thing was under my pillow all along, where I keep it from force of habit from when I kept the the ringer off on the phone by my bed because I worked nights and slept days, and my immediate family (who were the only ones who had the number) knew in case of emergency to call my cellphone.  It wasn’t in my pocket because I had never put it in my pocket in the first place.  I was gone all day doing all that running around and didn’t have my cellphone with me.  Gasp!

OK, so I got up late today (3 o’clock) and fixed the extension cord for the Littermaid.  I first thought I’d take staples and hammer them in around the cord to hold it in place.  Then ended up getting the manual staple gun out and stapling it down with that, putting more than a few staples into the cord, and having to pull them out with the needle nose pliers. But I finally got it stapled down.  All this because when I tape it down, the grey one pulls off the tape and plays with it.  After that, I took a shower and washed my hair.  Then I booted the computer up to do this blog post while I ate.  I really need to do a load of clothes.  I really, really need to work enough to make enough money to pay my electricity bill.  So.  Posting this and getting to work.