A quote from writer John Scalzi, “a testerical pile of insecurity” in a blog post about why his wife and daughter are generally cool people, and better than he is in what some consider intrinsically masculine areas of expertise.  I have not read any of his books (yet — so many books, so little time!), but phrases like the one quoted are cases in point as to why people not only pay him to write things, but pay to read what he’s written.  I do read his blog, though, and I like what he has to say, particularly in this blog post.  He refuses to go to Cons that do not have a published and enforced code of conduct regarding sexual harassment, and he has proved more than willing to put his moxie where his mouth is.   I do not question his masculinity — there must not be anything seriously wrong with it.  He has procreated, after all, and has a child to prove it.  What more do you need to know about it?  More importantly, though, I have ample evidence that his humanity is in perfect working order, and in an assessment of anybody, man or woman, that trait is trumps.

In other news, the white one continues to gimp — I would say “theatrically” but that implies I think he’s faking for attention, which I know he isn’t.  I think it must be more difficult for a cat to have a paw out of commission and have to limp because of the way they walk.  Having to limp on one foot disrupts the whole rhythm of their walk and throws their coordination way off. I let him drink from the sink again and lifted him off the counter once I’d turned the tap off.  He got back up there, then proceeded to slip off it backwards and fall onto the floor.  I was too far away to catch him.  He didn’t cry out like he had landed on his hurt foot but he may have done, and not done it any good at all.  Poor old Pu.  I took this last night.  You can hear the pet fountain in the background.  Money well spent, there.

And on the subject of animals, I am signal boosting this from Woven Sunshine’s blog in re: a fund raiser for the City of Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter. They are having a photo contest at a buck ($1) a vote.  If you live in the Sacramento area, or want to spend a buck or two in a good cause, check them out.  The link for her photo is: here.  But you can vote for any photo you like, or just donate.  If you have some discretionary funds, do consider spending them for a worthy cause. You could get a lot of bang for that buck, bro.