After staying up most of the night Thursday night washing the bedclothes the cat barfed on, among other things, after I came back from daddysitting and Lowe’s with more screws, and more lightbulbs (It’s the second verse of the hotdog/bun thing — the lightbulbs come in packs of four, but the fixture has five sockets — ) and the right length and width of staples, I had lunch, fell asleep in the chair afterward, got up and went to bed and slept until 6 p.m.

I’m reading this book now, The Golem and The Jinni, by Helen Wecker, and it’s fabulous.  Takes place in New York City at the turn of the century in the immigrant Jewish and Syrian Christian communities of the Lower East Side.  In the old country, a Jewish guy pays a Kabbalah practitioner to make him a golem for a wife because he’s such an arrogant, self-centered putz, no woman will have him.  He then takes his golem woman in a crate on board a ship to America.  Halfway across the Atlantic, he wakens her, and then proceeds to die of a ruptured appendix.  She ends up in America in the immigrant Jewish community there, a masterless golem.  In the meantime, a Syrian tinsmith is fixing a banged up old copper flask, copies the elaborate design intending to restore it once he has all the dents knocked out, but when he hammers out part of the design, a jinni appears, only it’s a jinni trapped in human form by an iron bracelet around his wrist that nobody can seem to get off.  What follows is an amazing character study, not only of individuals in each of the two communities, but of this golem, who was created to be a slave, but who now doesn’t have a master, and this jinni, a being of fire who has been trapped in human form.  I’m about 3/4ths of the way through it now, and I’m having a really hard time putting it down.  It’s a combination fantasy/fairy tale/and historical novel and very, very well done.  Definitely a keeper.

Anyway, after I woke up, I read (see above) until almost 11 p.m.  Needless to say, I didn’t get anything done that I intended to get done.  Nuts.