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The mail carrier put one of those invidious advertisement circulars in my (and no doubt everybody else’s) mailbox today, which was just jam crammed with fast food coupons and advertisements.  Because of it, I discovered there is a Little Caesar’s Pizza (Pizza) nearby — like actually within reasonable walking distance.  They have wings. I have money in my purse and no will power.  I also discovered there is a Burger King nearby also, but it is across Slide Road from me, and Slide Road is a very busy, seven lane, main drag kind of street. Getting to it is going to require some route planning.  But Little Caesar’s Pizza (Pizza) is like going out of the parking lot, turning right, up two blocks, turn left, up two streets, turn into a strip mall and go to the end of it easy to get to.  I came home not only with wings, but with Italian Cheeze Bread and a 3 Meat Treat Pizza.   Fortunately, the pizza and bread are delicious, because the only kind of pizza they sell are 14-inch ones, and the cheese bread is about 8 x 11 inches.  The wings are delicious as well.  Next time, I’ll buy two orders of wings and an Italian Cheeze Bread.  What I got today is way too much food.  I’ll be eating on it for the rest of the week.

IMG_1524Almost all the Burger King coupons were for meals for two — two hamburgers, two fries, two drinks.  That kind of thing.  Still, I did cut a couple of the coupons out.  I’m not too picky to refrigerate one hamburger and fries and microwave them later, and the coupons are good til August 10th.

But my meal for the day was three slices of pizza, two pieces of cheese bread and two wing pieces, and I’m stuffed.  That’s it.  All the food I’m having today.  I still have five slices of pizza, and 8 pieces of cheese bread, plus six pieces of chicken wings for later.  Like I say.  I’ll be eating on it the rest of the week.

IMG_1523I have identified the birds I’m hearing through my stove exhaust hood.  They are cliff swallows that have nested (there’s not much left of the nest now) in the stairwell.  George Dupree parkThey have at least one fledgeling (left) which they are still feeding. Swallows are insectivorous and eat, among other things, mosquitoes.  We are not that far, as the swallow flies, from George W. Dupree Lake, which is one of the Cities’ storm drain catchment lakes, and a likely source of all sorts of insects.   It’s only a couple of blocks away (On the map below, the little house symbol in a circle in the upper left portion of the map is me). (Also the dumpster is not twenty feet from their nest.)   I really need to take a photo expotition over there one of these days.

The City’s parks are named for city citizens of note.  Mr. Dupree was a long-time attorney in our fair city and lobbied long and hard to get the Law School for Texas Tech University, which are likely his claims to park-worthiness.   He was also a long-time member of our church, and I actually knew him growing up.  We called him “Uncle George” — he was noted for giving children silver dollars on their birthdays.

*Squeamish warning:  Pictures of a Sutured wound to follow*

My wrist is still looking good.  The wound is still clean and dry and there are no obvious signs of infection.  Some of the shininess of the skin is due to the petroleum jelly.  Hopefully when the stitches are taken out, the scar will flatten out some.

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