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It rained again Sunday night, with much grumbling of thunder.  Don’t know how much rain we got, but we did get some (official total for the month is 0.63 inches according to my weather widget).  Of course it’s ridiculous (and not a little egotistical!) to think that it’s raining more often now because I’ve moved and I’m not worried about my roof leaking anymore.   But then again, it did rain almost 6 inches after I stopped living in the duplex, during the two week period when I was trying to finish getting my stuff over to the apartment.

I found a shampoo and conditioner set I like.  Does Walmart or Market Street have it?  Of course not.  The manufacturer doesn’t even stock it.  It never seems to fail. Just let me find a product I really like, and they quit making it.  However, Amazon has it.   As ridiculous as it sounds, I’ve ordered a bottle of the shampoo from Amazon.  When I get paid Wednesday, I’ll order another bottle of the shampoo and one of the conditioner (assuming Amazon still has it!).  I have fine, flyaway hair, and I wash it once a week, whether it needs it or not.  Two bottles of the shampoo and one of the conditioner should last me six or eight months at least.

Had one of those “duh!” moments last night.  I had plugged my Roku into the same plug strip as the DVD player, but had the DVD player and that plug strip in the lower portion of my poor racked armoire. (Yes, “racked,” no “w,” intransitive verb meaning “forced out of shape or out of plumb.” A day you don’t learn something is a day wasted.) The point of putting it on a plug strip is that the plug strip can easily be turned off when the Roku is not in use — that’s the only way to shut the Roku off besides unplugging the power cord at one end or the other, and there’s no point in having it on and using electricity (and generating heat inside the unit) if I’m not watching it.  However, that door binds, is difficult to open, and can’t be shut without my twisting the frame of the armoire straight and pushing it shut with a foot.  Big pain in the butt. So, why don’t I fetch up the plug strip and put it in the TV compartment where I can reach it easily?  That’s exactly what I did last night.  Bit of a production, but I got it done.  I can now turn the Roku on and off easily.  Takes two remotes to watch the Roku — the Roku remote (oddly enough) to operate the Roku and my TV remote to switch the TV channel to “V2.” (My cable  box plays on TV channel 3.)

I was in the kitchen just now, and I heard birds — but only under my stove’s exhaust hood.  Apparently, there are birds nesting next to where the exhaust from the range hood comes out.  Seeing as how I never use the thing, or the stove either, come to that, I think the birds will not be disturbed — by me at least.