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IMG_1508IMG_1506Got a bunch of music loaded onto my new MP3 player, a SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip 8GB MP3 Player,  and made sure it was fully charged. In a way, having the old MP3 player vanish mysteriously (I suspect it “walked away“) during the move was a blessing in disguise.  This new MP3 player is about a third the size of the old one.  Of course, I had to buy a new 32 GB memory chip as well to boost its 8 GB of memory up to 40 GB so I can put many, many music on it.  I got this particular model because it’s compatible with Rhapsody, so I can download my Rhapsody playlists onto it, which is a pretty laborious process, frankly, and it actually worksIMG_1509better with Windows Media Player (WMP) than it does with Rhapsody.  Rhapsody does let you download some music to your computer, which WMP can access, too, and it’s actually a fairly straightforward process to re-create my Rhapsody playlists on WMP and then “sync” them to the Sansa Clip Zip, which actually does have a clip on the back.  IMG_1505I’m including this series of pictures to show you just how small the player and the chip are.  The Fuse+ came with a little velveteen bag that I put it in when I slipped the player inside my bra and wore it “next to my heart.”  However, whenever I would get damp and sweaty, so did the bag.  This new Clip Zip is so small I can slip it inside one of those little tiny resealable plastic bags.  Problem solved.

Yesterday, I had the ganglion cyst on my wrist removed.  The person who did the deed is a dermatology resident from the Texas Tech University School of Medicine, a very nice black lady who, going by her name tag and lack of accent, is probably the child of recent immigrants from an Africa nation.  She’s the same doctor who saw me for the cyst in the first place. Since at the time of that initial exam, I was in the middle of being about to move, we agreed that it would be removed at a later date.  The “later date” was yesterday.

Sunday evening, I had my shower and washed my hair which, since it is almost down to my waist, is a two-handed procedure.  Yesterday morning, I got up at Oh, God!-thirty and was there at 7:30 a.m. as directed, waiting in the “wind break foyer” for them to open the doors of the VA clinic .  I was armed to the teeth with my MP3 player set on “Jonn Serrie” and my Amanda F. Palmer quote tee-shirt (“I am bigger on the inside.”) for moral support, ready to have that pesky ganglion cyst excised from my left wrist.  (I was told to come early so I could wait in the waiting room for 15 minutes before having my vital signs recorded, and then wait another 15 minutes to be shown to the examination room.)

IMG_1501I had my vital signs duly recorded (BP of 124/69, which was the best blood pressure reading I’ve had in a while — no doubt a reflection of no longer being under the stress of “The Move!”) and was “taken back” for the procedure to be done.  This was an “office” procedure and was done in one of the exam rooms, with me on an examination table adjusted to a sitting position, and my arm on a pillow on a table thingie. It was done under local anesthesia, which only had to be readministered once.  I’m of the “if I don’t look, it doesn’t hurt” persuasion and I made a point of not looking, preferring to keep my eyes closed and to concentrate on the soothing music (Jonn Serrie) I was listening to on my MP3 player. I did feel some pulling and tugging but no actual pain. It took longer for her to control the bleeding than it did for her to do the actual removal of the cyst. (I’m sure the fact that I typed for a living for over 27 years contributed to the abundance of blood vessels in the area.) She had to ask for more hemostats, and more suture packs, as they had not put out enough at the start of the procedure  She sutured “bleeders” for about half an hour and then finally closed the skin.  The nurse who cleared away after she was done removed a fairly sizable pile of bloody gauze pads.  I’ve got about an inch and a half long incision that starts about an inch below the “heel” of my thumb.  It runs roughly parallel to my arm and has about 8 or 9 sutures in it, which will be removed in 14 days.  She applied a “pressure dressing” which I have to leave on for 48 hours. (Only the skin closing sutures will need removing.  The “internal” sutures are the absorbable kind.)

I was done and on my way home by 10:15.  I had to stop by my mom’s to give her some forms and info about Veteran’s benefits for my dad.  Then I stopped at my oil change place to get air in my left front tire, and stopped at Taco Bell to get a Crunch Wrap and two crispy tacos.  After I ate lunch, I took a long nap.

I still had almost a full prescription of Tramadol left from my shoulder injury in January (it wasn’t strong enough to take care of the muscle and joint pain and did nothing for the nerve pain) and I was supposed to take that for the post procedural pain.  However, after the second dose last evening, I started itching, so I had to take an extra dose of diphenhydramine (Benadryl) which I’m already taking for my allergies.  Since twice daily doses of diphenhydramine make me a zombie, I stopped taking the Tramadol after the second dose, but I really haven’t had all that much pain since I quit taking the Tramadol.  I suspect that a portion of the pain is related to the necessary tightness of the pressure dressing, which I will take off and stop wearing tomorrow morning.  (There’s a bone pretty much right under the wound and pronating my wrist causes an increase in discomfort.)  After that, I’m supposed to clean the wound with soap and water, and apply a Band-Aid to it.  I think I still have some big Band Aids.

Late in the afternoon, my BFF came over and we watched Antiques Road Show.  I slept pretty well last night.  As you can tell, I can type without too much discomfort. I know better than to mollycoddle my arm.  I need to be moving it around, within reason.  Even though no muscles or tendons were involved in or affected by the surgery, I have a 10-pound lifting restriction simply because I could rip stitches out if I lifted something that was very heavy.  Other than that, I need to be using the hand — again, within reason — as it promotes healing.  In that regard, not being on any pain killers is a good thing, since pain will set appropriate limits on the use of my hand.

I’m about ready for some lunch now, and after that, I may have a nap or I may finish catching up on the webcomics and blogs I follow.  I’m still over 200 pages behind on some of the Tumblr  blogs I read.