IMG_1500Truth to tell, I haven’t been particularly motivated to make that last little push and get my office sorted out.  I pretty much goofed off Tuesday after I came home from helping my mom take my dad to the doctor.  After I daddysat Wednesday, I goofed off again, just taking it easy and watching TV.  Thursday, I slept pretty much the whole day, and didn’t get up til almost 5 p.m.  It was nice.  I’m making up for that month of not getting much sleep and working so hard moving.  Friday, I slept off and on until almost 4:30 p.m.  After I got up and got dressed, I got my mail, and found a key on a fob that had a big “4” on it.  Fortunately, K was still in the office and I discovered that when the mail IMG_1495carriers have a package that is too big for your box, but not too big for one of the four bigger boxes, they put it in one of the bigger boxes and lock the key to the bigger box in your mailbox. When you open the bigger box and get your package, the key won’t come out of the lock, so you leave it there.  If the package is too big for the bigger mailbox, then they leave it at the office.  If it comes UPS or FedEx, they deliver it to your door.  If you don’t answer your door, they leave it in the office for you.  Sometimes, they just leave it in the office without bothering to knock.  Anyway, the package in big box #4 was the sage green crinkle taffeta table cloth I ordered for a dresser scarf.  IMG_1496It’s lovely.  Exactly as advertised.  Single thickness, it’s a big thin, but folded in half, it’s just right. It’s creased and I could have ironed it, but not today.

Friday evening, I did do some box emptying.  I found the little thingies that hold the shelves up in that one bookcase and emptied out all my boxes of books.  I also emptied the boxes of office supplies and put them away.  I still need to arrange my books — they’re stuffed into the shelves any old how, and sort my knitting IMG_1494yarns and things.  I still need to fix the pegboard and hang my foot pedal, but I didn’t want to get carried away.  Monday morning bright and early, I get the ganglion cyst on my left wrist excised, and I’ll not be able to lift anything more than 10 lbs with that hand until the stitches come out.  The pictures on the right are the “before’s” and the ones on the left are the “after’s.”  I emptied two “keeper” boxes and a bunch of other boxes that were tossed into the dumpster.

About 80% of my office supplies fit in the cupboard, and what was left I put in the drawer with my knitting accoutrements.  When I sort out my yarn and crochet thread, they’ll go in the plastic bins, as well as my jewelry making stuff.  The jewelry making IMG_1498stuff will occupy a whole bin right there.  Having my yarn in the translucent bins will make it easier to find stuff.  I still IMG_1499have four boxes in the trunk of my car.  I probably should bring them in now that I have room for them.  Here are all the boxes I threw out, as well as the two keeper boxes and our grandma’s crocheting and cutwork I’ve saved out to sent to my cousin, as well as two more lamps for the garage sale.  They’ll go over to my mom’s Sunday when I go to daddysit while she’s at church.  They’re already loaded in the car, and the throw away boxes are in the dumpster.

IMG_1497Earlier this evening (it’s early Saturday morning, actually) it thundered and carried on like a son of a gun, and even rained some.  Supposed to rain tomorrow, too.  Yay!  It can rain tomorrow also if it wants to.  According to my weather widget, it’s supposed to rain again Wednesday.  As long as it doesn’t hail or otherwise destroy crops, homes, etc., raining is fine with me.

I’ll leave you with a shot of my charging area with the new lamp.  The charge cords are in the bottom of the two stacked books.  Who knows.  I may surprise myself and either bring boxes in out of the trunk, or sort some yarn, or sort out and arrange my goddess statues or who knows what.  Then again, I may not.