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We went to the vet this morning and none of us were happy about it.  Everybody got jabbed — three of us were on the receiving end of a rabies vaccination and are now street legal; the thumbed one got a swift, sharp jab in the wallet to the tune of $109.  We are home again now and are in our various hidey holes licking our shattered nerves back into shape (the vet’s waiting room was all over DYLDs*).  The white one is all growly puss and will be for days, and none of us is speaking to each other.   Just now, the white one crept into the office, gave me a speaking glance (that would have been heavily bleeped had we been on network TV), and is lying by my chair.  All in all, happy campers are conspicuous in their absence.  As I suspected, the black one (at 15.7 lbs) weighs twice as much as the grey one, who clocks in at a whopping 7.7 lbs.

IMG_1489I’ve picked up the 32 GB memory card for my little Sansa Clip Zip, which only has 8 GB of built-in memory.  It was on sale and I had a 10% discount coupon as well, so I got it at a good price.  I also picked up the lamp base.  Last night  I put together my little reading table (see below left).  I had planned to use it with the gold recliner, but I sold the recliner as I didn’t have room for it either in the living room or in my office.  Happily, the reading table works with my brown leather arm chairs.  I need to affix the plug strip to the bottom of it, suitable for use with my Kindle, and internet radio.  It’s a smaller table than the other one I had, which I sold to my BFF to use with her new laptop, which she got after the hard drive on her old one crashed and burned.  It’s a larger machine than the one she had, and my old table works well with it.

IMG_1488I have some of those “pretend” books, the kind that are really little wooden boxes made to look like books, which are just perfect for keeping the remote controls to the various video devices in  — TVs, DVD players, Roku, cable box.  I had two red ones, a large and small one, and yesterday I got two blue ones. I got the large blue book box because it is larger than the large red one I had.  The red one wasn’t long enough for the remote that came with my new ISP’s equipment.  The large blue one, however, will hold both the cable remote and the Roku remote plus the headset I use with it.  The TV remote and DVD player remote fit nicely in the small blue one.

IMG_1493I took the old large red box and sawed a piece out of one side and converted it into a “charge station.”  It’s just the right size for concealing a plug strip plus the charge cords of my phone, Kindle, and MP3 player.  No more unsightly tangle of cords and chargers (see above left).  It will live on top of the small chest of drawers in the office along with the new lamp.  Don’t know what I’ll put in the little red book box.  I’m sure I’ll think of something.  Until I get my office sorted, my charge station and lamp are living atop the reading table, which is also temporarily located at the edge of the dining area.

(I am forgiven for my invidious actions of this morning.  A little kitty girl has deigned to curl up on my chest.  I am too ladylike to lick my fingers while I’m eating.  She is too ladylike not to lick them for me.)

IMG_1491The bedroom is now a blissfully box-free zone and the laundry hamper is now in its appointed place.  The office is the last remaining bastion of the boxes.  Not for long.  Its disorder snags at me like a hangnail.  I’ve run the gold fringed lap robe through the washer, and the gold sheets and the knitted cover for the sofa seat through the washer and dryer, and put the sofa seat cover back on, though not soon enough.  Earlier this morning, Somebody lost their lunch over the edge of the sofa onto the rug.  I have my suspicions as to who. I have not lost my lunch. I know right where it is.  It’s safe and sound, inside my tum where it belongs, having begun its journey to my hips half an hour ago.  Such is life.  Part of said lunch included a toasted ciabatta roll slathered with margarine.  Even so, there were crumbs.  The crumb police has obligingly tidied them for me.

The day has gotten better.  We have all been lying about and taking it easy after our stressful morning.

Today is the beginning of my fourth week in my new digs.  (The night of 5/19/2014 was the first night I spent here.)  How time flies when you’re having fun.

Tomorrow, my mom is going to pick me up at 1:45 p.m. as she is taking my dad to the doctor.  I’m going to help her get him in and out.  They have handicapped parking and wheelchair access, but it’s at the other end of the building from his doctor’s office.  When she brings me back, she’ll get a brief tour of my digs now that things are more “put together.”  I daddysit on Wednesday while she goes to her club luncheon.  Because my dad has been restless and because he has to get up during the night to go to the bathroom, she’s falling father and farther behind on her sleep, and weekends like last one really put her in the hole when it comes to loss of sleep.  The problem is, she never gets a chance to catch up.  She’s complained several times of feeling really tired.  I told her again Sunday that I will be glad to come over and sit with him while she takes a nap.  I don’t mind the TV not being on.  I’ll bring a book to read, or knitting to work on.  I need to hunt up the next book in the Palliser novels by Anthony Trollope so I can take it with me Wednesday.  She’s finished the first book in the series, Can You Forgive Her? and she’s ready for the next one, Phineas Finn.

IMG_1494IMG_1495Well.  I’m going to stop now and go watch a few episodes of Eureka. I really like Colin Ferguson, who plays Sheriff Jack Carter, the main character, but it has a great supporting cast as well.  Here’s a shot of the last bastion of the boxes.  I’ve got to find some more printer paper here pretty quickly, as I only have one sheet left in the printer.  Tomorrow.


*Damn Yappy Little Dogs.