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IMG_1475IMG_1483OK.  Before and after photos from putting up CDs:

Woke up after a long lie-in — because I stayed up late, past 4 a.m. shelving and sorting CDs — just as well actually.  Four apartments open onto the stairwell shaft, and upstairs across had a party last night — not a large one — but there was alcohol on board and women were brought home, and long, impassioned discussions were had — were they table-top gaming? — late into the night.  One tries to keep one’s ears to oneself, but if they insist on talking loud enough for one to overhear when one goes outside to throw away boxes, what can one do?  No loud music was involved, and I could only hear them when they were outside the apartment building coming and going or when I was coming and going to the dumpster.  Their downstairs neighbors have a toddler and a baby whom I hope were inured to the noise and slept through it. (Edit:  I was taking garage sale stuff (yes, more!) out to the car earlier and I saw the guy who lives downstairs from the party.  He didn’t get to sleep until after 6 a.m.)  If not, I leave it to them to complain, as I was not all that disturbed.  I did get the CDs sorted and shelved, and the living room looks normal.  It is a small triumph over chaos, but no less sweet for it.

IMG_1476This is the “breakfunch” I sat down to at the computer — a whole apple cored and sectioned, a handful of baby carrots, a handful of black olives, about half a cup of sliced ham, and a little dish of Ranch salad dressing for dunking the apple and carrots.  Tasty and, at the moment of this writing,  three apple sections from being history.  The apple was a little mealy in texture.  I prefer them crisp and crunchy.   But Market Street proudly informed me they were organically grown.  One can’t always have everything.

How long have I played this Spider Solitaire game I have without noticing that the hearts have baby birds in a nest on the Jack, blooming roses on the Queen, and fruiting trees on the King, and that the spades have an empty nest in winter on the Jack, rose hips in winter on the Queen, and a bare-branched tree on the King?  All the face cards have mountains in the background, appropriately snow-covered on the spades. I am reminded of a line from one of the late George Carlin’s early comedy records, “Had that painting in your office for ten years.  Never noticed the duck before.” I used to be addicted to Free Cell Solitaire, but then my mom turned me on to Spider, and now I’m hooked.  I haven’t played Free Cell in forever.  So it goes.

IMG_1482One of the many benefits of having two monitors hooked up to the same computer is that I can blog on one screen and have a game of Spider going on the other.  (Took me six tries to get that picture of my monitors.  Another great thing about digital cameras — you can try as many times as it takes to get the shot, delete the failures, without wasting film, without costing you anything but time, and nobody the wiser.)  My weather widget has decided that it does not want to live at the lower right-hand corner of Screen #1 where I have had it “since time immoral,”* but since the acquisition of the HP monitor, it has decided that it prefers to reside in the lower left-hand corner of Screen #2.  I fought it for a day or two but then I realized that with it on Screen #2,  I can see it without having to minimize whatever I have going on Screen #1.  It overlays whatever picture my wallpaper cycler happens to be showing , but Spider’s window is not wide enough to cover it. (Did the new monitor somehow know what I wanted better than I did?  There’s a spooky thought!)  One thing I like about this new HP wide screen monitor is that I can have a nice wide whatever-I’m-doing window yet still have room to always see my icons down the left side of the screen, including my date-time gaget and my Werewolf Monitor widget in the lower left-hand corner.  (The Werewolf Monitor gives a graphic display of the current phase of the moon and, yes, that’s the actual name of the widget.)

IMG_1486I actually lay in bed and read a little after I woke up — a first for the new digs.  (I have done bits of Kindle reading before sleep several times already) I started Elizabeth Bear’s Range of Ghosts, which is the first book of her “Eternal Sky” trilogy.  The book came out in early 2012, and I have been waiting since then for the final book in the trilogy to be published, so I can read them all in one swell foop.  I hate to read stuff piecemeal.  If it’s a story that spans three books, then I want all three books in hand so I can read the whole story from start to finish without having to wait, like, a year to read the next part of the story.  By then I’ve forgotten the first part(s).  I find it aggravating enough that I will wait years to read a story that takes multiple books to tell, until all the books have been written and published.

I daddysit tomorrow while mom goes to church.  She emailed me that so far this looks to be a good weekend for my dad, and not like last weekend.  I will keep my fingers crossed that all goes smoothly.  On my way home, I have to stop by Best Buy to pick up the data card for my MP3 player that will expand it’s memory from 8 GB to 40 GB so it can hold many, many music.  Then I have to stop by Lowe’s to pick up my lamp, for which I already have a gold shade.  I got a sage green crinkle tafeta tablecloth to use for a dresser scarf on my long dresser.  I’ll have to fold it in thirds probably or else fold it in half and let part hang down the back.   It has been remarked that the surfaces of all my furniture are covered with stuff, to which I reply, if they were not covered with stuff, they would be covered with cats.  And, besides, it’s interesting stuff.

Since I can now see my dining room table, here’s a gratuitous dining room shot: IMG_1487

I’m hearing thunder.  That’s because it’s raining.  Just as long as it doesn’t hail, since I no longer have covered parking.  But we like rain.   So long as it doesn’t rain hard and damage crops, it can rain all night.  Slow and steady wins the race.   Seeing as how it’s sneaking up on midnight, I believe I’ll call it a night.



*An elderly relative’s version of “since time immemorial.”  Let it be said that this particular elderly relative spoke German better than the version of English spoken by the hardly better educated fellow Texans around him; they all had better things to do than go to school past sixth grade, like growing next year’s food and doing whatever else was required to keep a roof over one’s head, clothes on one’s back, food on the table, and otherwise keep body and soul together while wresting a living from the wilderness, God bless them every one.  We who can reach the sky must never forget that we are able to do so because we are standing on the shoulders of giants.