IMG_1441Monday will be three weeks in the new digs.  I have always adjusted and/or habituated to new things quickly, so I’m not surprised that it feels like home here already.  I’ve mentioned how I’ve felt pressure to get things sorted and in their “proper” places, which is a reaction to my sense of “critical mess” — Things are disorganized to the point of irritation.  All the bins are emptied and stacked in my little red wagon waiting for me to tackle the “last bastion” — the office.  As soon as I finish this post, I mean to put away my CDs on their shelf, which will get rid of three more boxes.  I mean to organize them as I shelve them, so they will be well and truly sorted and settled.  Another thing to check off the list.

IMG_1461I did not get a whole lot accomplished today. Did I mention I slept until 2 pm? (I’m making up for two straight weeks of constant activity.) I did get rid of the end table which was “surplus to requirements” — which I did within about an hour of listing it as IMG_1462“free to good home” on craigslist.  I vacuumed.  I hung two little pot holders made for me by a late long-time family friend.  I started to relinquish them to the garage sale, but then held off.  This being a north-facing house, I can use more blues in my decor now, so I hung them in the kitchen.  Since they have no hanging loop, I used the simple expedient of putting a straight pin in them and hanging them from that over a picture nail.   I hung them in the kitchen on either side of my newly hung paper towel holder.  They are hand made, of a very complex construction, and made very carefully.  Just that makes them special.  But over and above that is the fact that they were made by somebody I had IMG_1464known for a long time — since I was about 7 or 8 years old.  I grew up with her family and her children are each a year older than my brother and I.  She passed away several years ago after a long and difficult bout with heart disease.  Each time I see these two little potholders, I think of her and the time, care and attention she put into making them, and they are beautifully made.  I hope you will click on the picture of the pair of them above right to see the intricacies of their construction.  Quite a tour-de-force of the quilter’s art.

Apart from that, I photographed the four pairs of boots and the purse I plan to list on craigslist.  These boots have been just sitting in my closet occupying space for an embarrassing number of years, and it’s time to send them on to a new home.  The most embarrassing thing about them is how few times all but one pair were worn.  I’ve had one pair since the 1970’s.  They’re still good boots, only they don’t fit any more.  Anyway.  Up on craigslist they go.

Well, time to go shelve CDs.