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IMG_1425Started the day early, going to get my mail, and packages, right after I got up at 9 o’clock and got dressed. Last night I changed sheets from my old gold ones and white bedspread to the new green one and green bedspread.  The sheets are incredibly soft.  The kitchen is 100% sorted.  The living room is 99% sorted now.  Pictures are hung, tchotchkes are put in their places.  All that’s left is to put the CDs in the shelf unit, which will get rid of 3 more boxes.  The bedroom is about 80% sorted  — few pictures still to hang, and my long dresser top to sort out, plus getting rid of all the boxes and moving the laundry hamper to its proper place.  The office is the room which requires the most work — sorting and stashing office supplies, sorting yarn and knitting supplies, shelving (and organizing!) books, fixing the pegboard and getting the closet sorted — but those are manageable tasks.

IMG_1446I’ve really been feeling the pressure to get things sorted and get back to “normal” — which I really haven’t had here yet, but I’d like to start!  I did find my dining table — LOL! and I can even see most of it.  At some point, I need to pull all the chairs away, tip it and switch out the big casters for smaller ones.  One thing that will help, getting the collection of de trop items loaded up and taken to my mom’s for our joint garage sale(s).  It’s only a bin, a little cabinet, and a trash can, but the stuff is occupying space (see below left).  I was thinking that now I’ve got my stuff arranged, the place looks like what they managed to hold onto after the sell-off of a large estate shoehorned into a cottage — which it kind of is — pretty much chock a block with things and stuff.  And after visiting my BFF’s place Monday, which is IMG_1440about half the size of my apartment (a 1- bedroom place with a galley kitchen), her place looks like a Victorian stereotype of the interior of a Romany traveler’s wagon — but then, her mother’s people are from Bohemia.  What can I say?

I think I’m going to take the “swagged” panel on the dining area drapes and just put it on the rod with the other three panels.  It’s the right idea, but it would look better if the panel was longer.  I need to find some large safety pins to hold the rings on my living room drapery treatment.   The rings keep trying to “head south” — a process not helped by the resident felines.   In the course of putting everything away, I located a package of three little toy mice that my BFF gave the kitties.  I decanted them and passed them out.  A good time was had by all.  I had the camera handy and video’ed the white one playing a little impromptu cat hockey, did some editing and tinkering and uploaded it to YouTube so I could post it here.  Going east by sailing west  . . . .

I worked pretty steadily until about 5 o’clock, then took a break and had my “breaklunchinner” — the rest of the rice, almond chicken and the last three pieces of Shanghai chicken, with the last of the melons.  Nums.

IMG_1444IMG_1445I managed to put together the over the toilet shelf for the bathroom — while fending off the white one who kept wanting to eat the instructions!  I got it put in place and accessorized.   The pitcher looking thing on the right end of the middle shelf is a piece I brought back from Germany — pewter top, lid and handle, with a blown glass body.  The vanity looks much less cluttered.  I really made a lot of progress today.  Another day like today should make a big dent in the number of boxes.  The one thing that is going to help the office is to get those pieces of wood cut and screwed to the pegboard, and the pieces of pegboard put in place.  I also need to work out some sort of “charging station” for my stuff that needs charging.

My copy of the first part of Nameless and the Scientist came today.  I put it in the “To Be Read” place on the highboy in my bedroom.  Soon, I will have the leisure to read it and pour over the drawings.  I love her artwork.

IMG_1435Here’s the living room now with all but one picture hung. IMG_1423 I made the season’s and the place’s first pitcher of tea yesterday and I’m having some now.  It’s delicious with a dollop of pomegranate juice to sweeten it.

It’s supposed to rain Monday and Tuesday of next week.  I hope so.  Monday will be kitty rabies vaccination day, as it promises to be cooler.

Here are some pictures of the outside:IMG_1455 IMG_1454 IMG_1449 IMG_1448