Today, I called “The Garage Sale Man” who picks up whatever’s left from your garage sale and hauls it out of your life free of charge.  He and his Mrs. picked up the last of the garage sale stuff from the duplex.  I thought about hauling it over to mom’s for our joint garage sale later in the summer, but then I thought, no, and called “The Garage Sale Man.” They live out east of town past the loop and I had time to go by the bank, get the money order for June’s rent, pick up a giant Coke at Whataburger, and then meet them at the duplex. There’s still some trash left in one bedroom but to heck with it.  I’m done with that place.

IMG_1392I had to get a “squashier” dryer hose because the one that came with it was too rigid, and wouldn’t allow the dryer to be pushed back far enough for the door to close.  I got one last week and finally, yesterday afternoon, the maintenance guy came by to put it on.  About time.  I was desperate to do a load of wash — I was running out of key items of clean clothing — and I was just about to do it myself.  He also replaced the doorknob on my front door, which was a little tricky to get to engage the turning mechanism.   The weatherstripping will have to wait until he gets more screws.  (You can see daylight around the lower half of one side of the door and I have no desire, nor budget, to heat or cool the world as the case may be.)  Anyway, dryer connected, I started a load of wash — I wash everything in cold water — only hot water was coming out!  One of the IMG_1393movers hooked up the washer, and obviously, he got the hoses reversed.  Muttering imprecations under her breath, the resident toolbelt diva (speaking) got her adjustable wrench out of her tool box and sorted them out again.  If it’s not one thing, it’s something else.  Anyway, the second load is in the dryer.  The washer and dryer “alcove” is right inside the front door, and has a set of bifold doors to hide it when not in use.

IMG_1372I’m taking empty boxes over to my mom’s tomorrow (they have lids and 10 reams of copier paper comes in them–see left — they’re too good to throw away).  On the way, the keys to the duplex are going in the mail.  I’ve still got four “copy paper” boxes in my trunk that I’ve yet to bring in, but being rid of all those empty boxes is a giant step in the right direction.

This weekend, I need to fix the pegboard for my computer area — I have two pieces of 1/2 x 1-1/2 lumber that I’ll need to cut in half and screw a piece to each end of the pegboard.  That way, when the pegboard is up against the wall, there will be a space behind it for the pegs to fit in without marring the wall.  I also need to photograph and then throw out the remains of my file cabinet that the movers destroyed, and move that end table in for my little file box to go on the lower shelf and my printer on the top.  I also need to finish hanging pictures.

I had got some little screws and washers to screw down the cardboard over the bedroom window, as well as some Gorilla tape to seal the edges.  I thought I’d see if the tape was sufficient to hold the cardboard.  Unfortunately, it isn’t.  There are still light leaks. Even with the leaks, though, there’s a world of difference.  You’d be amazed how much light the little green “charging” indicator on my phone handset puts out.  You better believe I put a piece of tape over that sucker.

I had to get a battery operated clock for the little half bath off my bedroom — I have a nice little plug in clock I was going to use, but when you turn the ceiling light out, it turns the plug off!  So much for that! — I guess it’s a safety factor so you don’t go off and leave a curling iron plugged in and start a fire or something.  Oddly enough, the plug in the full bath stays on when you turn the ceiling light out.  Go figure!

Ah, there’s the dryer buzzer.  I need to go fold this load of clothes and then hit the hay.