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IMG_1338I finally have all the “keeper” stuff out of the duplex.  Brought my last load over Monday night.  All that’s left is some trash and some garage sale stuff.  All that’s left is to mail the keys to that ninnyhammer in Ballinger and I’ll be shut of the place.  Of course, it rained last week while I was trying to cart my stuff from the old place to the new — like nearly 6 inches of rain over the course of several days!  I moved just in time.  The roof in my side of the duplex has started to leak — in the closet by the front door.  It would have leaked IMG_1356on my nice leather coats and probably ruined them — only I don’t live there any more!  I can’t see into the other side of the duplex so I don’t know if the roof is leaking in there, too.  But all the playa lakes in the city parks are almost full now, and the grass and trees are all so nice and green.  It threatened to rain for almost four days before it finally did start raining, and the humidity really did me in, in more ways than one.  I’m so glad I’ve finally finished getting my stuff over here — five bins at a time!  I bought these six plastic storage bins — I’d pack them up, bring them over in the car, and unpack them, usually making three trips a day — which is why it took me so long.  But the bins were large enough to pack a substantial amount of stuff per load, but small enough that I couldn’t put so much in that I couldn’t lift one.  And my little red wagon was worth its weight in gold.  Because of ease of accessibility regulations, there have to be ramps through the curb so that people in wheelchairs can get from their cars into the buildings — and where wheelchairs can go, so can little red wagons!

IMG_1366I am not at all happy with the movers.  They destroyed my little hanging file cabinet (right), knocked a leg off my dresser, and racked my armoire to the point that the doors were hard to get open. You will notice on the picture below that the door handles are not at the same level. I’ve also got assorted dings and scratches here and there, and they broke one of the glass panels in my china cabinet.

The kitties came over the evening of the 19th and they’re settling in well, except poor Stormie started sneezing the day before the move, and now has a full-blown cold.  I took her to the vet this morning and I’m happy to say she has no fever and, although her head is slushy, her lungs are clear.  She’s miserable, poor baby, but she’s eating and drinking, and the only real concern at the moment is the potential for an opportunistic bacterial infection.

IMG_1376Here’s a little virtual tour of the new place, starting with the living roomIMG_1331 — with a detail of the drapes.  I’ve used napkin rings to “cinch” them, and I like the effect.  The area of windowsill behind the couch is one of the more popular channels of CAT-TV because it faces the U-shaped “yard” of the complex where the children like to play, and where people walk their pets, so there’s always something to watch.  IMG_1333Here’s a closeup of the rug in the living room taken before the move.  Its elaborate patterning make a nice contrast with the plain and simple leather furniture.  Money well spent, I say.  I ended up selling my gold recliner.  There just wasn’t room for it.  There’s not room for two of the four end tables either, although I’m just getting rid of one.  The other one will take the place of the poor destroyed filing cabinet so I have someplace to put my printer.  I’ve gotten a plastic bin which is made to IMG_1378store files in hanging file folders, and it holds my files neatly.  I’ve still got three bins to unpack, as well as pictures to hang and objets d’art to sort out.  I’ve got a cabinet to hang in the bathroom, IMG_1332and a paper towel holder to put up in the kitchen.  My pots and pans are going to have to go in the bottom of the china cabinet as there’s no room for them in the kitchen.  Ditto about half my glasses.  My dining room furniture is a tight fit.  Here’s a shot of the dining room rug before the furniture was moved in.  I’ve hung the ironing board holder since the far left-hand picture was taken, and my iron and IMG_1379ironing board are safely stowed.  All my clothes are closeted and my shoe rack is hung.  I’m going to list the boots on craigslist as soon as I get around to it. The kitchen is the closest to being sorted of all the rooms.  I just have the paper towel rack to hang and it will be finished.  I sold a bunch of stuff to two guys who run an “antiques and collectables” shop, and used the money to get a new microwave.  The “antique” Amana “Radarange”microwave I inherited, I gave to the neighbors.  The new one (left) is smaller, IMG_1381and white, which matches the rest of my appliances.  The blinds in the kitchen window fell down when I was trying to adjust the height, so I put them in a closet.  I think I’m going to try putting them back up.  The kitchen window faces almost due east and the rising sun is pretty much blinding in that window until about 10 o’clock.

Would you believe I still haven’t put the cardboard over the bedroom window yet?  IMG_1389That’s because the box the cardboard is coming from still has stuff in it.  I still have my gold sheets and white spread IMG_1372on from the old place, which I put right back on the bed once I moved.  I did this intentionally as I wanted some things with familiar smells so that the kitties would have something familiar and not feel all in an alien world.  The piles of boxes in my office (right) are empty boxes — they are those boxes with nice lids  which contain 10 reams of copy paper.  They are too nice to throw away.  They’re going over to my mom’s garage eventually.

Slowly, but surely, everything is getting sorted out.  I’ll hang some pictures tomorrow and probably list that one end table on craigslist, maybe list the boots too.  Friday, I’ve got to take the white kitty and the black kitty for their shots.  The grey one will get a reprieve until she’s over her cold.  Hopefully, tomorrow they’ll hook my dryer up and I can wash a load of clothes. I’ve got a lot of blog and webcomics reading to catch up with.