And the refrigerator door now opens the right way.  In short, all the things I should have done yesterday finally got done today. The place is looking more and more like home.  The bedroom’s going to be tight.  I may have to adjust the drapes L-R depending on how far over to one side I have to put the bed. I have those drapes hung the width of the headboard (76 inches) rather than the width of the window (35 inches) since the window is technically not going to be there.  None of the windows was centered in the wall.  Every window in the place was off center by at least an inch or two.  Go figure.   DIY trick — when that happens, centering the drapes will give the illusion that the window is centered.

The water guy is coming Tuesday afternoon at 4 pm to switch the reverse osmosis (Oz) water filtration unit from the duplex to the apartment.  I bought a new faucet for the sink that has a sprayer attachment with it.  It has a high arch spigot on it.  I hope I can get it installed before the water guy moves the unit over.  Once that unit is under the sink, it’ll take an Act of Congress to get to the sink faucet.  When I move out, I’ll have the sprayer installed to cover the hole in the sink where the Oz water spigot will go.

After thinking I had a ganglion cyst on my index finger, and it turning out to be a calcification, I think I really do have a ganglion cyst  on the palm side of my wrist, right under the base of my thumb.  It definitely feels fluid filled and, unlike the calcification, is tender.  I have requested an appointment with Dermatology at the VA any time after the 22nd to see what they make of it.  I have an x-ray of both hands already on file (the image is stored digitally on the VA’s computerized medical record system). It was taken last year, and the index finger calcification has happened since that x-ray was taken.  Both the calcification on my fingerand the lump on my wrist are in areas that I have noted to be itchy/tingly off and on since I hurt my shoulder in January, and are both areas innervated by the (median) nerve that’s pinched in my left shoulder and the left side of my neck.  I cancelled the appointment with the VA neurosurgeon in Dallas — I would have had to pay my airfare and bus fare from the airport in to the VA hospital there.  There’s just no way I can swing it.  Now that I’m on Medicare (as of this month), I’m going to call around and see if I can find a neurosurgeon here locally who takes Medicare.  My shoulder’s not bothering me all that much — actually my left elbow is more sore than my shoulder.

This duplex is entirely carpeted except for the kitchen.  In the new apartment, only the bedrooms are carpeted.  My feet and legs are tired and achy from standing on the laminate flooring — it’s laid over a concrete slab foundation, so there’s no give whatever in the floor.  I’m not used to it.  I need to wash the throw rugs I’m taking — one for in front of the door, one for the kitchen, and runners for on either side of my bed.  I also need to wash my bath mats and toilet cover — the gold ones I’m putting in my en suite.  I let them air dry, as they’re all rubber backed.

HPIM1467Tomorrow I’ll start moving clothes, dishes and food, and bathroom stuff over. That last load tomorrow needs to be my computer.  I also need to get another bath mat, and two more rolls of shelf paper. I’m going to have to put some shelf paper in the upper shelves in my pantry for dishes that I’m moving but that I don’t use all that often.  The first load will be “light” as  I’m going to have to take my little red wagon over in that load.  The little escritoire next to it will fit very nicely right beside the front door, which is great as I keep my car keys in the dish on top, and put my purse inside behind the drop down writing surface.

I think I’ve had all the fun I can have for one day.  I’m going to take a shower and go to bed.  I’m dead on my feet.