There are only two drawers in the kitchen.  Who has a kitchen without drawers?  I’m going to have to keep my silverware in the sideboard and dish towels in the pantry.  The refrigerator is brand new.  Still had the instruction booklet inside, the shelves in cardboard holders and the crisper drawers taped shut.  I’m going to have to change the side the hinges are on because it really needs to open the other way. As you face the refrigerator, the door opens out toward the right, and clongs into the stove.  It needs to open toward the left.   I had to change this refrigerator’s door hinges, and it’s not difficult. I already have all the tools you need.

The bedroom window opening is only 35 X 55 inches.  I already have a piece of Styrofoam insulation that I can cut down to fit the window opening and I can cover it with a piece of corrugated cardboard.  When I hang the drapes, I’ll hang them the width of the bed headboard instead of the width of the window.

There are two closets in the little hallway, one of which has sliding doors and will be perfect for the kitties’ litter box.  It’s 23 inches deep, and the plywood box the Littermaid sits on is 22 inches deep.  (Whew!)   I can keep one door slid back to allow the kitties access without blocking the hallway.  The other closet has a regular door.  That means I can keep my office door closed when not in use, but I can also block the door with a folding screen, too, to maintain air circulation.  Since the new apartment is smaller than this duplex, it’ll cost less to heat and cool so I may be able to keep the thermostat on 75F/28.3C without breaking the bank.   I’m so used to the duplex being so big that the new place seems really small.  When I came back for my first load today, I did some panic measuring — The dining area is just barely wide enough for the china cabinet and two chairs (the table will seat six with a leaf in).  Fortunately, it’s a pretty narrow table.

Would you believe there is only one phone jack in the whole apartment?  It’s on the wall between the kitchen and living room.  I can’t put the cordless phone base unit there because there’s only a jack for the phone cord, and  no place to plug the power cord.  However, a quick call to Suddenlink reveals they have a phone modem that can be connected to the coaxial cable which provides the internet and TV service so that you don’t need a phone jack.  I’ll connect the cordless phone base unit that way, put it in the living room and put a handset in the bedroom and one in the office. (My phone only has three cordless handsets.)  I’ll plug my phone  that’s currently in the bedroom into the wall jack since it doesn’t need to be plugged in.

I need to take down that last set of curtains and rods, and run the curtains through the wash, then I can go over and hang my drapes and sort the bedroom window.  While the curtains are in the washer, I’ll head to Walmart to get shelf paper and a tension rod for the kitchen curtains, as well as a small gold bathmat.  While I’m there, I’ll put gas in the Crayola.  I’m down to a quarter of a tank.