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Can’t find my Sansa Fuse+ MP3 player.  (I got it for more than half that price, BTW.) When I cleared the bookcase, cabinet, filing cabinet, and armoire to sell, everything in/on them went in a pile on the other side of the room.  I was going to put it somewhere so I could find it again.  I’ve almost got it all boxed up now, and obviously I didn’t.  Don’t mind it all that much as I have gotten a new, smaller size MP3 player, but I was going to reuse the old 32 GB data card in the new one to save me having to download the world again.  I may find it when I unpack everything.  I still have a long, long way to go to be ready for the movers.  Still no nibbles on the Vista computer or the lamp. I’ve been lolligagging, alas.  Am listening to my Squeezebox internet radio (didn’t pay nearly that much for it, either, BTW), tuned to SomaFM‘s  “Secret Agent” channel, which is not only upbeat, but hilarious (1960’s and 1970’s action movie music and sound bites from the Bond films).

In view of the above, I’m corralling all my small electronics (new MP3 player, camera, Squeezebox internet radio, and cordless phones) on my computer desk, as I will put all that in my car as the last “by car” load Sunday evening.  That will completely clear my office so I can move the kitties’ stuff into it early on Monday morning.  The kitties will be closed up safely in my office while the movers are loading up (and there they’ll stay until I come back to get them).  I won’t have internet at the new place until Monday afternoon.  Once the movers have unloaded at the new place, I’ll have between then and 2 p.m. to set my computer, TV and phone up ready for the Suddenlink guy to come set up my services.

Hope I’m going to have enough boxes for the things I need to box up for the movers.  Like books.  Less than a day til I get the keys to the new place.  I will have to stop off at the bank on my way over to get the money order for May’s rent and my pet deposit. I’ll bring my ladder, cordless drill, jigsaw, tape measure, wagon, drapes, rugs, and that stuff when I go to get the keys. At some point before Monday, I’ll need to install the cat flap in my bedroom door at the new place, measure the windows and get the MDF board and peg boards. Today I need to get my suitcase and collect prescription meds, toiletries and the clothes in it that I’ll need to live between Friday and Monday evening so I can keep all that corralled, too. The rest of the bathroom will get moved by car, as will the kitchen (dishes, groceries, refrigerator contents), pictures, tchotchkies, and clothes.  At some point between now and Sunday morning, I’ll need to wash bathmats and throw rugs, and do one last “nekkid” load of wash Sunday night of everything but bed linens (I’ll wash them later).  (A “nekkid” load is when I not only empty the clothes hamper, but I strip down to my birthday suit, and throw everything in the washer) (Yeah, I know.  Way too much information.)

After the movers have gone and the internet gets up in the new place, I’ll drop my ATT equipment off at the UPS store on the way to get the kitties (the UPS store stays open until 7 PM). Then I’ll need to get them settled, and spend the evening sorting out the email and password change over.  I’ll make up my bed, set up my alarm clock and spend my first night in the new place.  Tuesday morning,  I’ll need to make sure I’ve got things sorted so I can go off and leave the kitties for a while (while I get taken out to lunch).  I’ll probably do one last sweep and perfunctory cleaning out at the old place Tuesday afternoon, put the keys in an envelope mail them off to that yahoo in Ballenger and be shut of the whole mess.  Then I can put the world back together at my leisure.

Power shifting into panic mode now.