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IMG_1320IMG_1319Put up adverts for the Vista computer on craigslist, but so far, nary a nibble.   If the Vista machine sells, that will more than  pay for the new monitor.  Also listed the lamp (right)I want to sell.  Picked the monitor up this evening on the way to see my BFF, who had decided she wasn’t in the mood for setting up the computer tonight.  Tomorrow or Wednesday, she’s buying my little reading table which won’t extend high enough to work with the gold chair.  Other “hold my Kindle”  arrangements will be made.  This (left) is the table that’s going by the gold chair.   I bought it from the mother of a friend in 1980.  It has beautiful spool-turned legs, but it’s taller than what people are used to these days for side tables.  I have this barf-proof tablecloth for it to protect the finish, and the big brass lamp with it’s new shade will go atop it, as will my Logitech internet radio.  I shall have a nice little reading nook in one corner of the office.  The gold curtains from my dining room are going in the office, as well as the book cases and the little dresser that I got from my brother and his late first wife in 1979.

IMG_1324I hooked up the new monitor, which is wider and slightly taller than the emachine wide-screen monitor.  Money well spent as it gives me plenty of width but leaves me enough room to see all the little clock widget.  I’ve got them set up backwards — the new monitor should be on the left since it’s the #1 monitor and the desktop extends over to the right onto the number #2 monitor.  It’s kind of confusing at the moment since I have to go off to the right to get onto the monitor that is to the left.  I’m not going to bother sorting them out for now.  I’ll wait until I take the computer over to the new place and set it up with the monitors on the right sides over there.

I’d better quit playing computers and crash out.  I didn’t accomplish much today.  Tomorrow, I have to get every bit of the office sorted out, including both closets and the bathroom.  Without fail.  Then Wednesday, pack up the breakables and the books. Box up all the pictures Thursday and sort through clothes, and start packing the kitchen.