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I started off Sunday (Mother’s Day here in the US) with stealth roses — a bouquet of red ones which I sneaked over and set out on the counter while my mom was away at church.  I was also the bearer of a quartet of blueberry muffins.  My dad was asleep in the chair and didn’t know I was there.  It was a flying visit because the guy was coming by later to get the two tall bookcases.   He bought my black and white dishes and the lead crystal that matches it, as well as a box of assorted china objects and collectibles including my Brambly Hedge pieces.  So, minus more stuff and plus $90.  I know I sold the dishes and lead crystal too cheaply, but they’ve been sitting in my closet for over 30 years not being used. Less stuff to fool with.   I also threw out two large trash cans’ worth of junk — the first of what will be probably quite a few more.

I got my Vista emachine computer cleaned out and ready to sell.  Best Buy had a great deal on an HP wide screen monitor and I decided I needed a new one. The Dell monitor is 8 years old, and square-shaped so I’m going to sell it with the Vista machine, together with the keyboard the computer came with (never used — I hate that style of keyboard), an old optical mouse and a set of speakers. I hope it goes for the price I put on it as that will more than pay for the new monitor.

I need to get my rear in gear and get my office cleaned out tomorrow without fail. Nothing like the panic of realizing I’ve only got three and a half days to get everything done  to motivate you to accomplish what you should have already gotten done. I need to pack up my china cabinet stuff and those things I’m mailing.  I still haven’t packed up my books either.

I’m going over to my BFF’s tonight to help her set up the new laptop she got with her tax refund. The hard drive on her old one crashed big time 8 or 9 months ago, and she’d been using her Kindle to get on the internet.  Then her Kindle started acting up and she went into Netflix withdrawal  . . . She got a good deal on her new laptop.

According to my weather widget, another cold front’s coming through.  The high Tuesday is only predicted to be 64F/17.7C, but temperatures will be climbing upin to the 90sF/30sC on the weekend, and wouldn’t you know — the predicted high for moving day?  100 F/37.7C.

My cousin JP who lives in New Mexico (my mom’s oldest sister’s son — it’s his granddaughter who’s making out like a bandit book-wise) is coming over the 20th and wants to take us to lunch.  That’s the day after I move.  Mom said they’d be by to pick me up.  Rather inconvenient timing.  I’ve got to get the new digs to the point where I can go off and leave the kitties to have the run of the house for a couple of hours.  I’m going to have to put a folding screen around my computer as there’s no way I can close the office door any more as the office closet is where the kitties’ Littermaid is going to be.  That’s the only closet besides the one in my bedroom that has a sliding door — i.e., the kind of door the black one can’t close.

I will probably be fairly scarce on the internet from now at least through the next two weeks, although I will try to post progress reports.