Got all the books packed up and mailed off yesterday, as well as a wedding present for CJ and Jane in WA who are upgrading their 20+ year domestic partnership by getting married the 17th in their back yard. They promise a video.  They have invited those who cannot be physically present to send an “avatar” photograph, which they will slide-show on a tablet by the guest book.  I sent one.  I will be awaiting the promised video.   They have an incredibly beautifully landscaped yard with, among other things, a large koi pond with a little bridge in the back yard — and they have done 99% of it themselves.

(CJ and Jane are finally allowed to do in the State of Washington what should be their right to do in any state in the Union.  The Brits seem to have a more enlightened view about what should be a right rather than a privilege than we as a nation do.  Two things I would like to see happen in my lifetime:  Same-sex marriage legal at the national level, and the legalization of marijuana also at the national level.

Sold the gold comforter set and the bedroom curtains last night and the people that bought it are coming back again today to look through the stuff I didn’t sell at my two garage sales.  That’s the second set of curtains I’ve sold off the window.  Today I need to:  Change the bag in the cat box, dust and box up my books, pack fragile heirloom things to be mailed to my respective cousins, sort out the things in my office and clear off that one table.  In a minute.

Maternal Great Grandmother's powder dishI’m sending several of my Aunt J’s (my mom’s The first sixoldest sister) things to her great granddaughter including this powder dish (left) which belonged to my great grandmother (my mother’s father’s mother).  GGrandma is the woman seated on the far right.  My Aunt J is standing just to her left.  Her son and his wife (my maternal grandparents) and the first six of their eventually 12 children are also pictured.  I’ve got a bunch of photos I need to scan so I can email them to my little cousin.  I have several other “pretties” I need to pack up for her as well.

I’m sending this HPIM3398toy tea setMargaret and Rufus Jr. (Buddy) Gum which belonged to my paternal Aunt M (That’s her in the photo at right with her oldest brother and a little neighbor boy standing in front of them) to my cousin EL.  She has a house full of family furniture and heirlooms from her husband’s family but few items from her own.  I can’t mail it just now, however, as she and her husband are leaving on an Alaskan cruise next Saturday to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. Interestingly, my mom has a pair of white china lamps with that same transfer on them.  They’re in my old bedroom at my parent’s house.

I’m going to have a bite to eat and then, onward and upward.