4-2006 new sofa in situSlowly but slowly, things are coming together.  I need to spend the rest of the week sorting, trashing and cleaning, packing things up to mail, packing things up to take to my mom’s for future garage sales.  I put the recliner I’m getting rid of on craigslist and it went within the hour — the fact that I offered it free for the taking might have had something to do with it.  The guy who got the recliner took both throw rugs (unvacuumed but free — which is what I got them for) and the red drapes ($5) in the front window.

HPIM1491I need to get my cordless drill out and take down the curtain rod hardware (to be put in a plastic baggie and taped to the rods).  Baggies are essential when removing hardware such as door hooks, towel bars, curtain rods, and what have you.  The mounting brackets,  screws and any other loose hardware go into the baggie, which is then taped to the thing.  For example, my china cabinet is actually a sideboard plus hutch.  The screws and clips that secure the hutch atop the sideboard go into the baggie and that gets taped inside a drawer on the sideboard.  Another thing — for the tool belt diva, a cordless electric drill is essential for putting up curtain rods, hardware, etc.  I’ve got a quick charger with my drill and an extra battery so one can be charging while the other is in use.  I’ve got a little Black and Decker model that I’ve had probably 14 years — I got it shortly before I moved here.  It’s nothing fancy, but it does the trick.  Since it has both drill bits and screw driver bits, you can predrill holes for screws, and then screw them in (or unscrew them).

10-2005 new chair is finally put togetherI got two new matching lamps for my bedroom and I’m getting a new lampshade for the big lamp on my side of the bed.  It’s going in my office, on the hexagonal table by the gold recliner (left) as part of my reading nook.  I’ll sell the smaller lamp.

I just sold the plant stands, the bookcases, and a little stair-step table I had listed on craigslist.  I may have sold the Celebrity china, and he says he’ll buy “antiques, collectibles and that sort of stuff.  I’ll round up what I want to sell and let him take his pick when he comes to get the bookcases tomorrow or Friday.

I have a portrait easel that used to be my dad’s.  I’ve had it in the outbuilding for a while.  I’ve found a place that will take it.  They offer art lessons to the community so that will be good.  I’ve got stuff to mail, $ I need to take to the bank, and the easel to deliver. I still need to drop books off at my high school library.   Hopefully, I can get that all done tomorrow.   I’ve got to mail CJ’s and Jane’s wedding gift, too.