Day one of this installment of garage sales.  I sold almost all the furniture I had planned to sell today — and a couple of things I hadn’t planned to sell, but carpe salem when the iron is hot, if you’ll pardon the scrambled metaphors.  I guestimate I did about $140 of business today, which is more than I did for both days combined last time.

A comment was made about why I had to change ISPs.  Here, the ISP providers install and maintain the hookup and the equipment, as well as the “grid.” You can’t just go buy your own equipment and hook in to somebody’s lines.  You have to use their equipment, and you have to take from the ISPs who have service available in the area, and they have to come hook you up.  Since I am moving to an apartment complex and ATT Uverse does not serve them, I have to change ISPs.  Since I don’t want satellite, Suddenlink is the only other choice.  However, that’s cool.  ATT had a lot of bells, lights and whistles that I wasn’t interested in.  If I had a big fancy, internet ready, flat screen TV, those bells, lights and whistles would have been useable.   But I don’t, so there’s really nothing that ATT has that Suddenlink doesn’t have, and I’m not paying for stuff I don’t need or use — so my bill will be cheaper.

As typically happens, when furniture was moved today, cat toys were rediscovered.  The white one has found himself a ball and is playing about with it like a kitten, but only episodically, since he’s pushing 15.  He’s napping now.  Sounds like a great idea.  After all that lifting and shifting, I’m pooped.  I’m going to have a shower, pour myself a tall iced tea, and watch some TV.  It will be an early night for yrs trly, and another early morning.  I was up at 6 a.m. today.  I’ll be up at 6 a.m. tomorrow, too.  Sunday, though, I’m sleeping in.

Whatever stuff other than furniture I don’t sell tomorrow is going to whichever charity will come cart it off. Next week, I’m going on a tear, going through the house and throwing out all the junk.  By the end of the week there should be nothing left on the premises except what’s going to be moved.  Then I’ll start boxing up books.  I’ll wait until after I’ve moved to go through my clothes and discard what I don’t want or what doesn’t fit any more, since I’m going to be using clothes to pack dishes and glasses.

Today’s high was 80 F/26.6 C. Tomorrow’s high  is predicted to be 90 F/32.2 C.  I need to put some bottles of water in the freezer.