Three days in a row of blowing dirt, obviously in aid of a front coming through.  After being up in the high 80sF/20-30sC, we are now back down again with predicted high today and tomorrow of 67F/19C with lows around 40F/4C warming back up to a high of 94F/34C for Sunday.  We apparently got off kind of light, though.  I’ve seen pictures of snow in Wisconsin and heard tales of it in Maine and North Dakota.  At least it will be cooler weather for the garage sale I’m having this weekend.  Just as long as it isn’t windy, and doesn’t rain.  I really need to get some boxes in and pack up the stuff in my office, empty the furniture I’m selling and get pictures taken of it to list it on craigslist.  That includes resetting up my computer to it’s new configuration and listing the Vista desktop machine.  Tomorrow.

I need to box up some books and some “heirloom stuff” that needs to be mailed.

Right now, I’m feeling rather blah! and am seriously considering getting back in bed.  I’ve tapered off some medication that wasn’t working anymore and start something new.  I was supposed to get the prescription filled yesterday, but the VA pharmacy here was out of it. They’re mailing it from Amarillo. Should be here by Friday.  In the meantime, I soldier on.

I’ve really got to get my rear in gear, though — only got 16 days until M-day! I get the keys on Friday the 16th, and the movers come on the 19th,  I’ve got to move my computer, my clothes, my pictures, my kitchen and bathroom stuff between that Friday and Sunday so all that’s left is the kitties, their stuff, what the movers will move and the stuff I still haven’t sold off yet.  I spent this afternoon arranging for the turning off here and turning on there of all my utilities.  Tomorrow, I’ll start getting ready for my garage sale, and maybe do some cleaning.  I do need to do some wash, though, at least one load, probably three — clothes, sheets and towels, and the drapes I’m going to sell in the garage sale this week.  Going to try to sell my red and gold comforter too.  Mom has said that whatever “good” stuff is still left by the time of the move I can box up and put in her garage and later in the summer, we will have a garage sale together at her house, where there is a real garage.