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When I move I will have to change ISPs from ATT Uverse to Suddenlink;  I’ll get to keep my same land line phone number, but I’ll have to get all new email addresses, which will be a hassle, but a blessing in disguise, too, what with all the email hacking shenanigans going on. I’My Kindle and internet radios, and Rocu thingie will have to “find” the WiFi signal again, which will be a pain also. However,  Suddenlink will also be about $25 a month cheaper for the same service than ATT Uverse.  The new apartment is all electric, so no more gas bills.  But the rent is $30 a month cheaper, and the bills should be about the same.

*Ooh, look out you, rock and rollers!

IMG_1272These pictures were taken in the unit across the way which has the floor plan flipped.  (Left) Here’s the cute little kitchen.  I actually have a little bit more counter space there than I do here. IMG_1273Here’s the full bath (below).  It will have gold bathmats and towels, and a shower curtain that is white Battenburg lace (molded plastic). IMG_1276(Left) Here’s the half bath that’s en suite with the master bedroom.  I have an extender to put the shower head directly over my head.  and a stainless steel shower caddy.  Can you imagine a bathroom without drawers?  I have a little night stand I’m putting in the half bath for my combs, brushes, and toiletries — !4fac146a90c6d281This is what the outside looks like, although mine doesn’t have a rose bush outside.  There are 4 apartments in each little unit, two upstairs and two downstairs separated by the dark area to the right which is is a breezeway between the units.  Mine is on the ground floor and would be the unit out of the picture to the right, with the doorway under the staircase, which you can just see a corner of.  My unit only has carpet in the bedrooms, with the laminate hardwood floor everywhere else.  It will be sooooo much easier to keep the cat hair off the laminate floors.  I can use a dust mop. I won’t have a problem keeping the area rugs from migrating on the laminate flooring like I do on carpet.   There is no covered parking, alas, but I can park to the east of the building where the building itself will shade me from the western sun.  There’s also some tree shade to be had, too.  Since there is wheelchair accessibility, I’ll be able to use my Radio Flyer wagon to unload the car.