Managed to get in to see my dentist this past Monday afternoon.  Thankfully, I had saved the crown. (Handed it to him in a baggie.)  We talked about it. He could try putting it back on (!) or he could dig out the root and that would be it.  He said if he put it back on, it might hold two days, two weeks, or two years. However, once the root was gone it was gone forever. He put some dentist goop in it and shoved it back on, I bit down on a piece of gauze until the timer dinged.  It is buttressed by the tooth in front of it and the tooth behind it.  I’ve been mollycoddling it.  So far, so good.

I go to the dermatologist at the VA next Monday morning about what is almost certainly a ganglion cyst on my left index finger.  I was astonished they were able to get me in that quickly.  Whether they can, or will, do anything about it remains to be seen.  They can leave it alone, and it might go away spontaneously or it might pop, which is not desirable, but not a big deal. Or they could drain it.  It might recur, but then again, it might not.  If they do decide to drain it (which I would like), it remains to be seen whether they’d do it then or make me come back again.

Since I had to go to the optometrist Wednesday morning, my BFF and I postponed our trip to the shredding place until this coming Monday.  My mom is getting together stuff she needs shredded, and I’ll take it together with my stuff, which I have yet to collect. I need to get into the middle of it, thin my files and gather what needs to be shredded, empty out the big filing cabinet, and move what I’m keeping to the small file cabinet.  I also need to empty out the supply cabinet and the entertainment stand, get them all photographed and put ads in the papers to sell them.  I also need to get ads into the paper on Wednesday next for a garage sale the following Friday and Saturday.  I need to start getting boxes and start packing things up.  I have about 30 days left until I get the keys and can start moving.

After I went to the optometrist, Wednesday morning, I went to Walmart’s vision center where I originally got these glasses.  The prescription on my left lens had changed and I had to get a new lens.  (That’ll be $65, thank you very much.) They’ll call me to let me know when it’s ready and I’ll go have it put in.  Probably sometime next week. These glasses are three years old.  The right eye prescription is still good.  This new prescription will get both eyes corrected back to 20/20 again.  I’m not being bothered by floaters. все хорошо.

When I do the filing cabinets, I’ll also reconfigure my computer setup to take the Vista machine out of the loop.  One minute I think I’m going to sell it, but the next minute, I think I should keep it for a backup in case this computer acts up.  Either way, with the Vista machine out of the loop, that will remove the need for my KVM switch.  With the Vista machine not hooked up any more,  I might be able to get everything plugged into one UPS unit and be able to fit the computer, both monitors, the desk lamp, and the UPS all on my little rolling table. My printer and my little office shredder will fit on top of the small file cabinet. They just need to be plugged in, as the printer is wireless. I have a 4 x 6 piece of 3/4-inch plywood that my table and chair sit on, which permits them to roll freely.  The way that the “office” bedroom is laid out, the sheet of plywood will be pushed into a corner, with the table end facing the door.  As it is configured now, I have to walk in from behind, go in between the big filing cabinet and the side of my chair, then in between the chair and the table to sit down.  Once I move, I’ll have straight access to the chair from the side.  I can just walk in between the chair and table and sit down. It’ll be a much better arrangement.