IMG_1312 About half an hour ago, I looked down and saw I had a knot or lump right by the knuckle joint of my left index finger.  It was obviously of a fairly rapid onset, because it’s a pretty obvious lump, very noticeable, and I just noticed it a while ago.   My money is on a ganglion cyst. I’ve been moving boxes and dragging furniture around all week, and overuse is one cause of ganglion cysts.

Last time I moved, I had emergency exploratory surgery and appendectomy on 1 September, was in the hospital for 7 days, and moved on 22-23 September.  Fortunately, Texas Department of Transportation IMG_1305(TXDOT) was paying to relocate me because they condemned the building I was living in to be torn down to build a freeway.  With the moving allowance they gave me, I could afford to have the movers do the packing, fortunately, because I was not allowed to do any heavy lifting until 1 October, and was not allowed to drive a car until the week of the move.

Hopefully, this time, I can make it through the move with nothing more serious than a small cyst and a broken tooth. ( Touch wood. . . .) (The cyst may go down on its own, pop spontaneously, or it can be drained as an in-office procedure — that’s assuming I can ever get in to see somebody at the VA before the end of the year!)  If it keeps recurring, the cyst sac may need to be surgically excised.  I just hope I don’t have to have the root of that stupid tooth dug out by an oral surgeon, although if I do, at least I’ve got on hand a full refill of the pain medication I was taking for my neck and shoulder.  I have a followup appointment with the PA in the VA optometry department early Wednesday morning because I’ve had floaters in my right eye, and I’ll have to have my eyes dilated so he can look at my retinas.  I’ve got to daddysit this Saturday.  That’s all I’ve got on the schedule for this week.  I’ve no idea when I’ll be able to get in to see my dentist.  Needless to say, I’m dreading it.