Got off on the wrong foot — Set the alarm clock but forgot to turn the alarm on.  I was going to get up at 6 a.m., put out my signs, put the stuff out and be all ready at 8 o’clock — which is the time I had given in the ad that it would start.  At 7:45 a.m., the white one woke me up refunding a hairball.  I’d cleaned up after him, had just put my clothes on, and the doorbell rang.  Is this where the garage sale was going to be?  Frantically started pulling stuff out and setting stuff up.  Got fairly good traffic until the early afternoon, when it petered out to nothing, so I hauled everything back inside.  Saturday, I made sure my alarm was turned on.  Got my signs out, got all set up, and sat there. I ran an extension cord out so I could listen to one of the radios (and show that they worked) — except I sold both of them and had to go get one I wasn’t going to sell.

I had been chewing gum both days, Trident, which does not come in very big IMG_1295pieces, to keep my mouth moistened —  I didn’t want to drink a lot of water as I had no one to “mind the store” while I took a potty break.  So about midmorning, I’m chewing this small piece of gum and all of a sudden, there’s a big piece of something in my mouth.  My lower left molar crown had broken off at the gumline — as in catastrophic failure!  I’ve left a message with my dentist’s receptionist to call me Monday, if I don’t call her first.  I’ve no idea whether anything can be done to fix the tooth, or whether what’s left of it, which is basically the root,  will have to be pulled.   Oh, what fun.

Even with my signs out, traffic was desultory and intermittent.  Long about 3 o’clock, the wind started kicking up, so I closed everything back down.  However, In two days, I did manage to make $133.64.  I sold three lamps, my Kindle keyboard (which I never used after I bought the Kindle Fire), a disk drive, a keyboard, my reciprocating saw, yard lights, gardening tools, two clock/radio/CD players (one of whose CD player didn’t work), two old flip phones, and a bunch of assorted  tchotchkes.  I probably could have made more, but I was more interested in getting rid of stuff than making money on it, actually.  I collected my signs, got a chili cheese dog and tater tots at the Sonic, ate supper (first food I’d had all day, actually) took a bath, and hit the hay.  I was kind of tired after all that physical activity, lugging stuff around, etc.

Today I’ve just been lazing around, catching up on my blog reading and taking it easy.  Typically, when I’ve done a lot of physical exercise, I don’t get sore from it until the second day, so if I’m going to be sore in addition to being stiff, it’ll hit tomorrow morning.

I also need to empty and photograph the furniture I’m selling, and list it on craigslist and in the papers, and clean off the Vista computer. Week after next, I’ll try having another garage sale.