IMG_1290I carried all the books I’m going to donate and put them in the entry way.  The two men from the Friends of the Library have boxed and loaded up the back end of their SUV.  They’ve gone to unload this batch and bring more boxes back to load up the rest (see left).  I’ve held some back to send to a friend in Austin who has two little girls, and I’m sending more to my cousin who lives in Oregon.  I’ve decided to keep the four smaller bookcases and sell the big ones.  I haven’t even started getting stuff together for tomorrow’s garage sale yet. That will give me the “fancy one” and the one that has a cabinet below to hide my computer behind.  Still haven’t hung out my comforter yet, but I washed the bed skirt.  Haven’t made my signs yet.  I think I am going to sell my Vista machine.  I may sell one of my UPS power strips.  I’ll sell the reciprocating saw and my gardening tools, hose and yard lights.  I’ve got some outdoor chairs and a little outdoor table, too.

IMG_1289Needless to say, I’m already pooped. I don’t think I’m going to have a bit of trouble falling asleep tonight.  I’ll have to get up at Oh, God o’clock to put my signs out at the intersections.  I think I may try to sell that TV Saturday.  I’m going to call my friend D to see if he can come out for a little while either Friday or Saturday, or both, and help me move furniture. I’m not going to price anything.  In the first place, it’s too much trouble, and in the second place, everybody always wants to dicker anyway.  I’ll have the “estate sale” on the weekend following the move, and put “Everything must go!” in the ad. At that point, whatever doesn’t sell is going to charity.  Then I’ll lock the place up and mail that clod his keys  — and good riddance.   I may or may not send the city a notice of abandoned property with his name and address.

It’s later, and all the books I’m donating are gone! They had a bunch of boxes that cans of motor oil are shipped in, which are just the perfect size.  I need to hit the automotive supply places and see about getting some boxes like that- maybe 20 of them will do it.  I’m going to get something to eat, and then get started on my signs.  Then I’ll start rounding things up.  Setting the alarm for 6 o’clock to go get my signs out.