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Well.  Did my taxes just now.  Didn’t owe any.  Didn’t get a refund.  Then again, I didn’t pay any, either.  Guess you could say I came out even.  One thing, though.  I could have made another $3600 working before I’d even owe any tax. I have a feeling that starting in June I’ll be transcribing again for that jive outfit in San Francisco again.

Here directly, I’ve got sheets and towels to put in the washer, and the dirty clothes hamper full enough to make another load.  I need to take my comforter, my pretty red and gold comforter, spray it down good with Febreeze and peg it to the clothes line to air.  Garage sale is tomorrow.  I’ll miss it.  I got my money’s worth out of it, though.

Got boxes of seasonal decorations in the hall closet.  They’re all coming out to get sold. Everything goes.  Lamps, a table, the entertainment console.  I need to glue the drawer bottom on it tonight.  I also need to empty out the big two drawer filing cabinet, the other cabinet, and the book case.  I still haven’t decided if I want to sell my Vista computer.  I need to run an extension cord out so the clock radio can be played and the computer turned on if I decide to sell it.  I’ve got a fanny pack I’m going to use as my cash box, and I’ve got some change.  I need to make my signs tonight, too, and put them out early in the morning before sunup.

The guy from Friends of the Library is supposed to come at 2 pm today.  I hope he has a pickup.  That’s what I need to start on next.  Stacking the books in the carport.  I’ll need to box up the books I’m donating to my high school library and keep them separate.  I need to remember to take those books I plan to donate off my Amazon inventory

The VA called yesterday and left a voice mail.  It appears I have an appointment with the neurosurgeon at the VA hospital in Dallas on June 5th about the pinched nerves in my neck. How I’m supposed to get to Dallas remains to be seen.  I won’t be driving.  That’s for sure.

So, here I go to get dressed in something more presentable than my leopard print caftan, strip my bed and get a load of wash started, then start in on the books. Today’s high is predicted to be 92 F/33.3 C with around 24-26% humidity.  My electric bills are going to be higher than giraffe’s ears. I can already tell.