Called the moving company and got the movers scheduled.  I’ve put an ad in the papers for a garage sale on Friday and Saturday, because I haven’t done thing one about packing or anything.  Hopefully, knowing that I’ll have to get stuff gathered together and out on the carport will light a fire under me.  It’ll be just me with stuff out in the carport, trying to sell off as much as I can.  I’ll have a lot of seasonal decorations and stuff, maybe try to sell the one TV.   I’ll probably have at least one more garage sale before I move.  Maybe have a third one, depending on how much I’ve still got to sell.  I’ve got to daddysit tomorrow, and on the way home, I’ll need to stop by the bank and get some change.  I think I may sell my Vista computer, but then again, I may not.  Haven’t decided. I am selling my old Kindle Keyboard, though.

I’ll get the keys May 16, which is a Friday, and go over to start putting down shelf paper, deciding where to put stuff. Maybe start putting up curtains. Then I’ll start moving my kitchen over. Small open boxes of dishes, pots and pans, food, refrigerator contents that will fit in the little red wagon.  I’ll pack the dishes using clothes rather than paper. I’ll need to get one of those cheap Styrofoam ice chests for the frozen food.   I’ll use this little TV stand on casters I have to get stuff out to the car, and have the wagon over at the new place to bring it inside. Hopefully with most of Friday and both weekend days, I’ll be able to get all that stuff over and put up.  That will be one major headache out of the way.  I’ll be able to measure that window in the bedroom and see how big a piece of particle board I’ll need for it.  While I’m at the home store, I’ll need to get the floor protector thingies, too.

I left a phone message and sent an email to our local Friends of the Library about wanting to donate a bunch of books.  I also called the library at the high school I graduated from to see if they will take some.

I found a place that will shred documents for 25 cents a pound, minimum $15 (60 lbs).  I don’t think I have 60 lbs worth, but I’ve got a bunch.  Way more than this little pantywaist shredder I’ve got can handle.

Our earworm for the day is courtesy of Annie Lennox: