IMG_1280This duplex I’m living in was built in the 1970’s or thereabouts, and the fence is probably original to the house.  It was put together with nails.  The wood is weathered and brittle, some of the pickets have warped, the nails are pulling loose in places and it’s generally in pretty bad shape. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have bothered to fix it, but as it is, stray dogs can get into the yard, which I’d rather not have happen.  I rummaged about in my DIY whatnot box and found an opened box of 3-inch aluminum deck screws, and yesterday afternoon, I took them, my hammer and my cordless drill and cobbled together that back corner of the fence where it was falling down.   The part of the fence in the corner had pulled away from the side post and most of the pickets had fallen off.  The only way to get it to stay up was to sister my fence post to the neighbor’s fence post by screwing a board across them.  I also put back the pickets that had fallen off and secured them and some of those around them by screwing them top and bottom.  Just so it holds up until I have moved out.  After that, I won’t care anymore.

noritake_aquarius_coupe_cereal_bowl_P0000065216S0010T2 noritake_aquarius_mug_P0000065216S0003T2Today, I listed my Noritake pottery dishes, some china and lead crystal on craigslist, but I’m not hopeful that it will sell.  The Noritake (at right) is Aquarius pattern, and I have service for 12, plus all the serving pieces.  I got all but one dinner plate as wedding presents but I got duplicates of some of the serving pieces and exchanged them for a dinner plate. I quit using them and packed them up when I got the blue willow dishes.  They are quite substantial pieces and rather heavy.

celebrity_cec1_water_goblet_P0000010543S0005T2 celebrity_matador_creamer_P0000010609S0015T2 celebrity_matador_footed_cup_saucer_set_P0000010609S0021T2When I was in basic training in the Air Force (around the time the duplex was built, actually!), a lady came by the barracks selling dishes, flatware, pots and pans, etc.  — I got china, lead crystal, matching flatware, and a great set of stainless steel waterless cookware including an electric skillet, all for $300. I ended up giving my mom the flatware.  The china and crystal have been sitting in my store room for years.  I listed the china (above), which is Celebrity in the Matador pattern.  I have service for 8 plus the serving pieces (salt & pepper, sugar bowl, butter dish, serving dishes).  I also listed the lead crystal (above), which is also Celebrity. I have 8 two piece place settings (water and wine) of that as well.  They would be perfect for someone who likes to have dinner parties.  I don’t expect them to sell either, but you never know unless you try.

I need to get off my duff, clear off the furniture I plan to sell, take pictures of it, and list it on craigslist as well. I’ve got a nightstand, one of those “entertainment units” that you put flat-screen TVs on,  and a matching cupboard, bookshelf and a large two-drawer hanging file cabinet I’m getting rid of.  Whatever I can’t sell before I move, I’ll leave here and have an “estate sale” the week after I move. Whatever is left after that will go to either Salvation Army or Catholic Family Services. Then the keys are getting mailed to the landlord and I am washing my hands of the place.

I can list my Brambly Hedge “Four Seasons” set of salad plates, cups and saucers on Amazon.  I’m of two minds about my Staffordshire tea service, though. Once I get rid of the Brambly Hedge stuff, I could put the tea service in the china cabinet where it was.  I can see Ebay in my future  . . .