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1-1-2006 starting the new year with a blowIt’s blowing like 60 and the skies are brown.  The fence is loose again, and pickets are blowing off.  Apart from the fact that stray dogs can now get in the yard, I don’t actually care if all the fence falls down.  My head’s stuffed up despite the decongestant and I’ve got the makings of a sinus headache deluxe.  Not to put too fine a point on things, the Littermaid died.  I’ve only had it since September, so it’s in warranty.  You clip out the little blue wire and send it to them.  Eventually, they send you a new one. In the meantime, I’ve ordered one from Amazon that will be IMG_1280here Thursday.  That way I’ll have one in reserve when this one bites the dust.  Their shoddy construction is evidently not up to three cats, and it succumbs.  Why do I keep buying them?  Because they’re cheap and they are self scooping.  What can I say?

I spent yesterday and this morning in bed, either sleeping or reading.  I’ve got a big case of “Frankly, My Dear’s.”  I expect I’ll have to get the tools out and see what I can do about the fence, if for no better reason than to keep the stray dogs out of the yard.

I’ve got to get up at “Oh, God” o’clock tomorrow morning so my mom can go stand in line to get her taxes done at the senior center.  They do it for free.  I need to do my taxes, too.  Might do them later today if I can find my round tuit.  I think what’s happening is that I’m resting up for next month, which is going to be busy packing and selling stuff and getting ready to move.  Mom and I also need to have a massive garage sale.  Now that there’s only one car in the carport, I can have some garage sales here.  Next month.