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I’ve had a “gumboil” on my gum, in a place I have had one before that had to be incised and drained.  I noticed it about 2 weeks ago, but it was pea sized when I noticed it.  The last time I had one, the whole side of my face swelled and was red and it hurt like the dickens. The odd thing about this episode was there was no pain.  After I noticed it, I decided to apply some tincture of time and see what happened. Unfortunately, nothing did.  So I went to the dentist today, and we had a discussion.  The adjacent tooth in question is a molar.  Molars have three roots, not unlike a three-legged stool.  It appears I have a smoldering infection in the midst of the roots to that tooth.  It flares periodically, the last time being two years ago.  He outlined two choices:  (a) pull the tooth or (b) throw some antibiotics at it and see what happens.  Obviously, I’m reluctant to have a tooth pulled;  therefore, I opted for the second solution.  I floated the hypothesis that the problem with the tooth might relate to a problem with my maxillary sinus on that side, which he allowed might be the case.  But, for now, I’m throwing some cephalexin at it four times a day.

Since I get my drugs through the VA, and a private doctor cannot call prescriptions in to them, I had it called in to my local Walmart pharmacy.  Naturally, I had to wait 30-45 minutes for the prescription to be filled, so I wandered amongst the merchandise.  I often wonder what cashiers think about the combinations of merchandise the customers lay on the checkout stand belt.  Today, I put an ironing board cover, two boxes of bendable straws, and two packages of unmentionables on the belt of the checkout stand.  Having paid for my purchases, I exited by way of their in-store MacDonald’s.

Came home with my Big Mac Meal, set the TV table up, settled in, began dunking FF’s in the catsup, turned on the TV, had to wait for the hard drive in the DVR to get up to speed, and it wants me to press OK to get “On Demand”.  I just spent time last week explaining to the billing department of ATT why I did not want this particular feature.  Muttering imprecations under my breath, I got up, rebooted the box by pressing and holding the button on the front, one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi* . . .  It hung up again at the same place.  Called ATT and, as usual, I had to wade through the stupid interactive voice response system, and argued with it until I got somebody who knew which end was up.  We tried various strategies, and chatted while we waited for things to happen (it was a lady who lived in Dallas), but to no avail.  The upshot of the exercise was that (a) I ate my Big Mac in front of the computer instead of the TV, and (b) the ATT guy is coming out tomorrow sometime between 4 pm and 8 pm.  I’ve got to daddysit tomorrow, but I should be home by then.

In other news, the Bradford ornamental pear trees are in bloom at the moment, and unless I take cetirizine (Zyrtec)diphenhydramine (Benadryl), and pseudoephedrine (a decongestant), my sinuses will have a good old fashioned, falling on the floor kicking and screaming,  hissy fit.  Thing is, these imports from China are all over town.  There are two in the yard of the extended care facility right across the street (another reason I’ll be glad to move out of this place!).  There’s another one at the corner of where my street branches off one of the main north-south streets in our town).  Planting Bradford pears is not quite as irresponsible as planting paper mulberries, but it’s up there.

I have been told by doctors, and have typed many reports of doctors telling other people, that you do not want to smother/hold in a sneeze.  It tends to force things up the eustachian tubes into your ears and give you middle ear infections among other things.  You can also break an ear drum that way.  The advice of my ENT doctor was, “Just let’er rip.” So I do.  I have a particularly loud sneeze, having inherited it fair and square from my dad.  I sneeze and kitties scramble for cover.  I’d rather not sneeze.  I find them disruptive and aggravating. So during this time of year, I’m popping Zyrtec, Benadryl and pseudoephedrine like candy.   We also had a brown sky today, which at this time of year means blowing dirt, which is hard enough on the respiratory system without said dirt particles being liberally coated with “preplant incorporated herbicides,” and defoliants as they are highly likely to be around here.  It wasn’t a very brown sky, but then it wasn’t all that windy.

* A useful method for counting seconds if you don’t have a watch, have an analog watch that doesn’t have a second hand or have a digital watch that doesn’t have a display seconds function.