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Can’t say that my earworms are not eclectic.  This is the latest:


My early childhood was perfectly timed to coincide with the filming of the Rodgers and Hammerstein Broadway musicals like South Pacific, Oklahoma!, Flower Drum Song (in which the heroine is a Chinese mail order bride played by a Japanese actress), The Sound of Music, The King and I, and Lerner and Loewe’s classic My Fair Lady. (The stage musical gave Julie Andrews*** her big break.)  That was back in the day when music came from LP’s, and the latest thing was something called “stereo.” When I was 6 and 7 years old, my dad got a circuit diagram from somewhere (Popular Electronics magazine?)and bought parts from Radio Shack — back when it actually had something to do with building radios —  and built himself a stereo amplifier out in the garage.  He bought a turn table, and built the cabinets for the amplifier, turn table and the speakers out of birch plywood with plans from somewhere. (My dad could upholster furniture, too, and did beautiful work.)  In addition to classical music — my dad was into Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky — and opera (Carmen* and Madama Butterfly** were his favorites)–  we had original Broadway cast recordings of all those musicals and I loved them. It’s not surprising that songs from them bubble up to the surface now and again.

Since Thursday, my mind has been going round and round like a hamster wheel.  As I go about the house, I’ve been trying to decide what to move and what to “downsize.” I’ve already bought curtains for the living room and dining rooms, with area rugs to match. I’ll need new bedroom curtains and new sheets, bedspread and comforter set, since the new apartment has a north facing door, and my living room needs to be in blues, and my dining room and bedroom need to be in greens.  I’ve only got two sets of gold sheets, and it’ll be the garage sale for them. Ditto my red and gold comforter.  I’ll do for this move like I did for the one before it:  Draw out the floor plan to scale on graph paper and measure my furniture to see if what I think will fit actually will fit.

I’ve found a new internet radio station:  Maschinengeist (German for “ghost in the machine“) Their main website is hereDeep Field Transmission is their radio stream  It has a station identifications but it’s like every three or four hours and is not that much intrusive. It plays mostly ambient but some chillout and music with a beat.   Don’t know if I mentioned this station, Anotherplanet.FM, which plays some nice stuff.

* Written by a Frenchman about a Spanish girl (Carmen) who sings in French.
** written by an Italian about a Japanese girl (Butterfly) and an American Naval officer who both sing in Italian.
*** When the film version was made, Julie Andrews, who had made the role of Eliza Doolittle famous on the London stage, was replaced by Audrey Hepburn (whose singing was dubbed in by Marni Nixon) because the producers didn’t think Andrews was a big enough star to carry the picture in America.  Oddly enough, had she starred in the film version of My Fair Lady, she would have been unavailable to play the title role in the film  Mary Poppins, which picture she not only carried just fine in America, but won a best actress Academy Award and Golden Globe for her role.