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After going into a blue funk since my last post and reading three whole books to keep me from dwelling on the idea of having to put a healthy cat down just so I can find a place to live, today I started calling around to apartment complexes. First three I called had a hard and fast rule, only two pets.  But then I found one that has a 2 bedroom unit that I can afford.  I must dash by tomorrow,and hand them $250 (to reserve the unit) and fill out the lease application. My mom and I are supposed to go by tomorrow at around 1:30 so I can fill out the lease application, and we can see what the units look like.  Then we’ll keep fingers and toes crossed that they will accept my application.

The unit is on the ground floor at the end of a building and the only partition I will have in common is with the unit above.  It does not have a washer and dryer hookup, but it’s right near the laundry facility. (The only problem there is I will have to come up with the money it costs to wash and dry it every time I want to wash a load of clothes, and I’ll have to sit there with it) but then I won’t be paying for the water to wash them or the electricity to dry them.) Their pet deposit is a one-time fee of $350 (£210/€255), with a monthly charge of $15 (£9/€11).  Even adding $15 a month to the rent, it’s still $30 (£18/€22) less than what I won’t be paying to that knucklehead in Ballinger any more starting now.  I would still be paying less than I’m paying here.  And guess what? — they will take all three cats!!!! I am almost giddy with relief.

I think I have a pretty good chance of being accepted since I want a place where I can live for the next 5-10 years.  I’m a quiet, stay-at-home person.  I’m not a drinker or a smoker.  Most of the time when I’m listening to music it’s through ear buds or earphones and I don’t turn it up that loud when I’m not.

HPIM1488If my application is successful, I’ll have to start thinking about what I’ll take with me and what I’ll be selling.  I’ll have to start packing things up. My good furniture will go with me — my dining room table, chairs and china hutch, as well as my TV armoire, sofa and two leather arm chairs and ottoman.  I’ll sell the other TV and that little dinky armoire


When my BFF moved to her current digs, she had movers that charged her only 150$ to put everything in the truck, drive it over and unload unload it.  She said they were very careful with everything and were also courteous.  I wonder if my new landlord will let me put up curtains or whether I’ll have to use what’s there — or maybe I’ll just have to use their curtain rod?  My mind is awhirl with questions and possibilities.  I can already tell.  Making this move is going to be like herding cats.

In other news, the two daughters of my father’s youngest brother, K, are coming to visit this weekend. CL and EL are both married and CL has 2 daughters in college. Since K died a number of years ago, my dad was sort of in loco parentis there for a while and played the role of father of the bride at EL’s wedding.  Their mother E (my father’s sister-in-law) will be coming, too.  CL lives up near Dallas and owns and runs a company that custom builds homes and retrofits and remodels older homes.  The younger one, EL, and her husband are both lawyers and live near Houston. They have two papillons.  Since they live relatively far away and are both professional people, they have had to plan ahead in order to take this opportunity to spend some time with my dad.  It’s in all our minds that at 91, he’s not going to be with us much longer.  I’ll ask EL if she minds me posting the picture of her and my dad at her wedding.  She was such a beautiful bride.  (My dad was delighted and honored that she asked him to walk her down the aisle.)

This has really been a roller coaster of a week.  Stay tuned.   I’ll keep you updated on our main story as the situation develops.