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Mom and I went by this afternoon and saw a unit that has the same floor plan as the one I want to rent only reversed. I put the deposit down so they’ll hold it for me and I’ve got the lease application, so I’m 3/4 of the way to actually being able to move there in May.  My birthday is in May so it will be a great birthday present.

It’s a really nice unit, 825 square feet in size (76.645 square meters).  About 1/4 less than where I am now, but I’ll be able to take my good furniture.  And it does too have washer and dryer hookups!!! So I’ll be able to keep my washer and dryer.  The kitchen is about half the size of the one here and is in a U shape, but I think it has more counter space than I have here.  It has a large pantry, and there are lots of closets.

The larger bedroom has the half bath (sink and toilet) and that’s where I’ll have my bedroom. The full bath (sink, toilet, and shower/tub) opens to the hallway.  I think I can manage 3 book cases  (maybe 4)and a unit that has shelves above and cupboards underneath, as well as my computer and a small chest of drawers for my knitting stuff — yarn, needles, etc., in the smaller of the bedrooms, which I’d be using as my office.  I’m glad I get to have two bedrooms still, because I need a room that has a door I can shut to keep the cats out of my computer equipment.

Sofa in place

Sofa in place

The living room is large enough that I think I can keep my gold recliner and have it, my two leather chairs, and my leather couch, and the TV armoire.  I’m going to have to get some green drapes for it and a green area rug. (edit: already have!)  The red drapes in my living room here are going in the dining area, which is the same size as the dining area here, so I know my dinning room furniture will fit.   One odd thing, the area for the washer and dryer is in the living room just inside the door, but they will be concealed by folding doors.  It makes sense though as the kitchen is on the other side of it and there would be sink plumbing nearby.

HPIM3421My bed will have to be against the window, but  that will be OK.  I plan to get a sheet of something like thick cardboard or particle board to cover the window and block the light.  And then I’ll hang my gold bedroom curtains (made from a banquet size table cloth and a table runner).  I’ll have to put a cat flap in the bedroom door.  After I do that, I’ll sell my jigsaw and reciprocating saw, but keep my cordless drill.  That’ll mean I’ll have to buy them a new door when I move out, but no biggie.

Since my bathroom is on the west wall, I’ll have gold towels in the big one and probably my red towels in the half bath.  Where I live now has a bathtub in one of the baths, so I already have the spring rod and a lovely white “Battenberg lace” pattern plastic shower curtain with liner.

One thing, the sills on the windows there are maybe an inch wide, compared to the 6 inches of sill in the windows here.  That’s going to put a serious cramp in the kittehs watching the Outside Channel on CatTV.  Also, there are Venetian blinds in the windows which I will have to adjust for optimum viewing pleasure.  The couch will be in front of the living room window so they can watch out that window from the back of the couch.  Also I think I’m going to put the small chest of drawers in front of the window in my office for their viewing pleasure.

Can you tell I’m getting excited about it?