When I first saw it, I thought Toys ‘R’ Us was pronounced “Toy-saurus” like a kind of dinosaur.  I still think it’s a cooler name than their “toys are us” pronunciation, which sounds a bit too precious (definition #3) for me.

I have gotten several appreciative emails from internet radio stations I’ve given shout-outs to in my blog.  To those fans of Mixing of Particulate Solids, an internet radio station operating out of Bratislava, Slovakia. MOPS is now down from 3 people running it to one person running it.  Martin writes, “Thank you for message. I’m glad, you enjoy MOPS Radio.  After all, I have really  no energy/skills to solve all technical problems with radio’s streams ( 2 of my colleagues left university,” [and Martin also now has a family of his own] “so I’m alone for everything … ) However I’m trying to keep all streams alive. We’re playing now.”  MOPS is celebrating its 10th anniversary.  Teeshirts are available.  He adds, “I hope, that after all this years is still MOPS Radio interesting, unique and full of new and original music. I know about regular technical problem caused that I care about streams only by myself…  However I really believe, that small and hidden MOPS Radio is still something special for you.”  MOPS has three streams and plays a lot of ambient, so that triples the chances of your finding something you like to hear.  Many thanks to Martin for soldiering on by himself to keep MOPS up and running. 

Faces HiyaIn other news, I’ve made 11 sales through Amazon within the last 30 days, and 76 sales since I started selling through them in March of 2013, for a net profit of $256 and change — not much, but it beats a poke with a sharp stick. I’m making money and I’m getting things out of my house, so I can’t complain. Since I didn’t meet the Form 1099-K threshold requirements of $20k of unadjusted gross sales and 200 transactions during 2013, they didn’t send me one.  They operate in two week periods, keeping your profits for that period for two more weeks in case there is a problem or the customer wants to return the merchandise for a refund.  However, today, they sent me a whopping $3.50 for the past two-week period.  I’ll try not to spend it all in one place.