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HPIM1490That jive water delivery service had its computer thingie call me Thursday to remind me they were going to make a delivery on Friday.  I used their automated phone thingie to cancel my water delivery.  Fat lot of good it did.

So let me set the scene for you:  I sleep with my hair in a barrette to keep it out of my face.  When I woke up Friday morning, I decided to read in bed a while before I got up.  I didn’t bother to comb my hair and, since I’d slept on it all night, the barrette was askew and I had hair all ruched up and sticking out on one side from sleeping on it.  Now, I sleep in the completely.  So there I was, lying in bed with my sparkly shawl on to keep my shoulders from getting cold, reading a book on my Kindle when about 11 o’clock, the doorbell plonged. I put my Kindle aside, jumped out of bed, grabbed my robe, and went to the door.  (I thought it might be a UPS guy delivering some of the books I’ve bought recently.  Unless it’s something I have to sign for, they just put the parcel in front of the door, ring the doorbell and leave.)

Guess what.  It was the delivery guy for that jive water delivery service, who had rung the bell to tell me they didn’t have any 3-gallon jugs, did I want a 5-gallon one (after I’d already canceled Friday’s delivery). I told him no, I didn’t want either and, furthermore, I didn’t want the full, unopened 3-gallon jug I already had, or the stand, the crock, or the empty jug on it and told him to take it all away.  There was still some water in the crock, so while he was taking the bottle outs to the truck, I filled my electric kettle and another kettle to try to empty it out.  Even after the cats got four cups of “oz” water in their fountain, there was still some left, so I told him to just dump it down the drain. He ended up pouring about a pitcher full into the sink, but I don’t care.  Since I am now renting  the under-sink reverse osmosis filtering equipment, I have an unlimited supply of “oz” water now. All I have to do is turn the little tap on.  No more having to lug around and manhandle those heavy bottles onto that stupid crock. I’m sure I looked a sight in my robe with my “bed head,” but, like Rhett told Scarlet,…

Speaking of reading in bed, both Friday and yesterday, I wanted to eat some Special K bars by way of breakfast while I read.  So I’m lying in bed trying to eat the bars, while trying to read a paperback book while trying to fend the white cat off all at the same time.  He wanted to eat the snack wrappers, . . . and my bookmark, . . . and my book. . . . did I mention he eats paper?

Friday was a day for phone calls.  After I emailed the VA wondering when the MRI people might call, they called Friday afternoon and informed me my MRIs are scheduled for this coming Thursday at 5 pm. (Luckily I had that slot open on my calendar.)   MRI’s take about 30 minutes or so to run.  I hope they’ve scheduled me enough time to do two, because that’s how many I’m supposed to have — one of my left shoulder and one of my neck.

At the end of this month, I’m definitely getting a new sink faucet.  Earlier today, I washed my bread keeper and got water all over the place. Again.   When I have big stuff to wash, I either have to wash it, then set the dripping, still-soapy stuff on the counter, drain out the dishwater, then rinse everything, or else I rinse it a piece at a time and splash water everywhere trying to get it under the faucet to rinse while trying to keep it out of the soapy dishwater.  And you should see me trying to wash my big pasta pot/steamer.  I just might as well strip for action*, because I end up getting soaked anyway.  The current faucet has one of those off to the side sprayers; not only does it not work, it has a leak in the hose where it connects to the sprayer and squirts this fine jet of water halfway across the sink whenever the water’s on. It’s one of those single lever faucets and every time you turn the water on full stream, it leaks from the base of the lever as well.

2013_06_05-1And, at some point here pretty soon I need to see if I can get a guy to come fix the back fence.  Here, March is typically  very windy all month.  It comes in like a lion, goes out like a lion, and roars all month long. I might luck out and it’ll stay up until the end of April, but then again, the first big March blow we have, the whole shebang might just go down again like it did last June.  I’ve had it  propped up with a piece of lumber.  The fence needs some new posts and some new pickets.  Actually, it needs to be all torn down and a new one put up, but that’s not going to happen.  I just need the part between the back of the yard and the alley fixed so it will keep the stray dogs out of the yard, and won’t blow down again.  I have a guy in mind who could do it.  I need to call him to see if he’s interested in doing it and how much he’ll charge.