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It snowed again yesterday, hard, icy, little pellets, just enough to cover. Right now, at a quarter after 5 p.m., it’s 18 F/-7.7 C and it was cold enough yesterday and today for the snow to stick to the sidewalks and roads. I did have to get out in it, but only as far as the mailbox. The driveway is on about a 6° slope, and I penguin-walked (Srsly, it’s a safety thing) very carefully to and from. It’s supposed to snow again tomorrow, profusely judging by the graphic on my weather widget.
2014-02-06-08 I’ve got a nice big carafe of Earl Grey tea, steaming hot.  A while ago I had some “lunchbox” (read: “sealed in packets”)  apple slices that came with a little container of caramel.  I defy anybody to dunk the apple slices into the caramel and eat them without getting sticky fingers.  In situations when I’m computing or reading while eating something that’s going to get my fingers greasy or sticky, I typically use a “finger bowl” (a bowl containing a paper towel scrunched up and moistened with water).  My mom gave me a little gift basket for Christmas that contained two clear, pressed glass mugs and some packets of assorted teas and chocolate drinks, and I’m using one of the mugs to drink my tea.  Très elegant.

I still have not received a call from the MRI folks to schedule my MRIs.  Guess I’ll have to email my “health care provider” at the VA to find out was ist denn hier los.  I need to email her anyway about the Benadryl dosage.  She gave me 30 to take one at bedtime, but I’m supposed to take the hydrocodone three times a day.  Obviously, I did not make it clear that I have to take a Benadryl each time I take a hydrocodone.   I’ve only been taking the hydrocodone at bedtime and in the morning, and since I’ve been taking the Benadryl twice a day, I haven’t sneezed at all, even with the central heat coming on once or twice an hour, nor has my nose been stuffy either.  Is Benadryl really the answer to my allergic prayer?

I’ve finally found a freebie video editing program that allows you to crop the video image.  It uses the Columbus method*.  I fiddled around with it and was able to crop down the image I wanted.  I also found a freebie video to GIF converter and made the above GIF from the video I cropped and cut with the first program.   Pretty chuffed.

*Going east by sailing west, i.e., going the long way around.