6a00e54fcf7385883401a73d5f2922970d-800wiA trickster god frequently features prominently in the myths and folklore of many people of the world. In the Scandinavian mythos, this role is played by Loki.  In Japan, it is Kitsune the fox, and in the European mythos, another fox, Reynard, is the trickster.  In the myths and legends of the Native American peoples, this role is frequently played by Coyote.  It is the trickster’s role to play tricks and practical jokes on the unwary or unsuspecting, to put up roadblocks, create complications, and generally just make things difficult.  It is the trickster’s job to see to it that bpl020The tracks of Coyote have been all over my life of late, starting with my shoulder, and my hassles with the VA, and with the root cause of the problem, that inimical 40-pound jug of water I was trying to put in the water dispenser, which is how I messed my shoulder up in the first place.  Of course, it was not until after I had messed up my shoulder that I found that the water service also had 3-gallon jugs.

So, on the 15th after I came home from getting my shoulder x-rayed, I called the water delivery people.  The delivery manager assured me that the very next day, I would have my 5-gallon bottles replaced with 3-gallon ones.  Thursday comes and goes, and no water.  Friday I call again.  Oh, somebody will be out today.  Friday comes and goes, and no water.  Monday was the MLK holiday, so Tuesday I call again.  Tuesday comes and goes and no water.  I was out of pocket most of Wednesday so I call again Thursday morning.  Late Thursday afternoon, one of the route drivers calls me and assures me that today (Friday) I will get my water bottles switched out.   Whether or not he does, in fact, follow through on his promise is a moot point.  I’m tired of fooling with them.

Edit:  Mirabile dictu, the doorbell plonged a minute ago and it was the water delivery guy FINALLY bringing me the 3-gallon water bottles and hauling off those stupid 5-gallon bottles.

I had already been investigating renting an under-sink reverse osmosis gizmo where they mount the works under the sink and put another faucet on top of the sink to dispense the freshly reverse-osmosed water. I was going to get a new sink faucet this month, and get the reverse osmosis unit next month, but I’ve changed my mind. I called the reverse osmosis people yesterday, and  the guy is supposed to come out Monday afternoon at 3:00 and install it.  My absentee landlord is going to pay for the installation.  Once it’s installed, I will be able to call the stupid bottled water service and tell them to come get their water and dispenser or I’m going to put them out in the alley.  This is not the first go-round I’ve had with them, but it’s certainly going to be the last.

Screenshot_2The kitchen sink faucet leaks.  It’s been fixed twice since I’ve lived here.  It’s about time it was replaced.  Since I get to do it, I’m going to replace it with a faucet that has a taller spigot. I have this nice pasta cooker pot (at left) that has a strainer insert and the current sink faucet has a spigot that is so low I can barely get the durn thing under it to fill, never mind to rinse the soap off after I’ve washed it. Same problem with large bowls. It has a sprayer with it, but the sprayer doesn’t work.  I’ll get my mom to give me the pertinents on her plumber.  She’s used him about 12 years, and he does good work.  Guess whose going to get to pay for it.

In other news, a couple of weeks ago I went into my Amazon seller’s inventory screen and repriced almost everything, coming down on my prices in some cases as much as several dollars. Ever since then, I’ve sold something almost every day.  Sold two things yesterday. Sold something already today. Last year I made some $218 and some-odd cents selling books, DVD’s and VCR tapes through Amazon.  Of course, I wish I’d sell bunches of stuff, but then I can’t complain. Thinning my herd of books and making $218 in the process beats a poke with a sharp stick any day of the week. It behooves me to do some more culling and listing.

Now, if that jive outfit in San Francisco that I transcribe for will send me my 1099 or whatever wage and earnings form they’re supposed to send, I can do my taxes.

tumblr_msmk1pwmq81r3gb3zo1_400Are we having fun yet?