Here’s the sublime. The amazing brush control this woman has.  I expect part of it comes from being Chinese and learning to write with a brush.  The rest of it is a magnificent artistic talent. There is something captivating and mesmerizing about watching somebody do something they’re very good at.

As for the zombie apocalypse, for the past two weeks, because of the constant pain in my shoulder, I’ve been trying to function on four hours of sleep a night or less.  Monday night I didn’t sleep at all.  Last night I got maybe three hours’ sleep.  This morning I had a meltdown talking to the people who deliver those 40 pound bottles of water that I hurt my shoulder wrestling when I found out that they have 3 gallon bottles and that these bottles will fit on my cooler. I’ve been yelling at the cats, especially when I found and had to clean up two urp events off the carpet.

zombie buttonAfter my meltdown this morning, I sent my my PA at the VA (!) an impassioned email to the effect that, yes, I’m allergic to the opioids but can I please have some anyway with some Benadryl on the side because I’m desperate for sleep and won’t be getting any without some kind of pain relief.  Depending on which opioid pain medication I take and/or at what dosage, they either make me itch all over, or else they make me itch all over and talk to people who aren’t there.   But if I take Benadryl at the same time, the antihistamine counteracts the itching — except that the Benadryl makes me a zombie (and, perforce, too zonked to talk to the people who aren’t there).  My PA heeded my pleas and  turned in a prescription for Ultram (tramadol hydrochloride) and Benadryl, and rather than wait two days to get it in the mail, I drove over and got it.  Oh, what fun driving a car with a stick shift when you’ve got a messed up left shoulder (but not nearly as much fun as if I was in Britain and had to shift with my left hand).  I took the prescribed dosage of both about 30 minutes ago and they’ve started to kick in. Yep.  I’m lost in the ozone again.

Brains ….. Need brains ….go-save-yourself-from-the-zombies