There was once an internet radio station called BlueMars.  We who knew and loved it missed it when it went away.  We wondered what happened.  Today I googled for “Anybody know what happened to BlueMars Internet Radio?”  Unfortunately, this is what I found:  The BlueMars Facebook page does not, in fact, belong to Francis Gastellu, “The” BlueMars owner and operator.  He only recently discovered it and on December 15, 2013, left this saddening message there:

space2“Hi everyone, lone here, I thought I’d drop by and give an update.

First, apologies for not doing this sooner, this Facebook page only recently came to my attention, I’m not sure who the owner is actually It was really nice to read the messages and see that people cared so much about the streams, I want to thank you all for that.

So here’s what happened.

On June 8th, the owner of the (very large amount of) bandwidth that was graciously provided to me for free for such a long time withdrew its support, the Shoutcast relays were shut down, and the streams went silent. Around the same time, the server hosting the Shoutcast sources (which I do not own either) needed repairs, and these took much longer than expected. At that point, it was obvious that the downtime was going to last at least a few months. Meanwhile, my professional responsibilities kept increasing, and my free time decreased accordingly.

The truth is, there had not been a playlist update in a long while, even before this all happened, due to severe lack of time on my part. I must also admit that after over 10 years broadcasting, I have lost some of the motivation needed to keep the streams going.

And so rather than bringing them back with limited bandwidth, playing the same stale playlist, with no update that I could realistically work on for the foreseeable future, I have decided to bring this adventure to an end.

Bluemars is not coming back. Sorry, that’s final.

I do realize that many of you have offered to help keep the streams alive, and that is truly appreciated. Some have offered to provide bandwidth, or to update the playlists with more tracks, some have asked if they could buy the domain to keep it going. Unfortunately, I’m not going to pursue any of those potential solutions. For one thing, I definitely want to keep the domain, as it’s been my “home” on the internet for such a long time (not just for the streams). More selfishly, the fact that I do not have the time to continue does not mean that I want to give away what Bluemars was, and what it might become. I’m proud of what it was, and rather than risk it becoming something else that I may or may not approve, I prefer to see the story come to a quiet end.

There is of course nothing that stops anyone from creating streams with similar content, or “feel”. Some of you already have, and that’s awesome. I would only ask that you don’t call them Bluemars, or Cryosleep.

In the end I’m really glad that I was able to bring a little bit of piece and quiet around the world, a few rooms and headphones at a time, for so many years. Back in 2000 when I was working at Nullsoft, each of us in the team created a stream; I think that out of them all, Bluemars was the last one still standing. I certainly did not expect that it would last that long, almost to the end of Winamp itself.

Anyway, if you ever bought music because you heard it on my streams, my job is accomplished.

Thank for being with me all this time.

-lone, pilot.”

space1On that same Facebook page, Метал Хедкраб shared a link:

“I don’t know if anyone here uses last.fm‘s genre-tag radio for sleeping. I recently began to tag all qualifying Cryosleep Zero Beat music with with “cryosleep” and “zero beat”. If you use last.fm you can expand the radio player’s song variety by tagging your favorite qualifying songs with appropriate tags. See http://www.last.fm/tag/cryosleep -and- http://www.last.fm/tag/zero%20beat

Also, Vadim Bobkovsky shared a link:

While the original Bluemars is in cryosleep… http://echoesofbluemars.org/

And then, Timo Juhl shared these links:

www.facebook.com/DSRTransmission and http://deepspaceradio.org/

The playlist is almost identical to the BlueMars stream. I’m listening every day to it. Give it a try! From Global Communications to Carbon Based Lifeforms or Biosphere. Lots of good stuff!”

Then, there’s this:

Andrew Daniel Askew I’m in the process of setting one up, given this is the first time of trying to use shoutcast servers in 13 years. But being a fan of BlueMars for so long, I been wanting to do this. http://darkphobos.org

I’m going to check out all of these, the last.fm thing, the Echoes of BlueMars thing, the Dark Phobos thing and the Deep Space Radio thing.  I don’t hold out much hope for the last.fm thing, as it’s probably a lot like Pandora, but these others ….