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Happy New Year!

This is U2 performing New Year’s Day which was released in January of 1983 as  a single from  their War album.   The song’s original association was with Lech Walesa and the Solidarity labor movement taking place at that time in Poland, what amounts to ancient history to the Gen Y crowd.  Check out Bono’s two tone hair and The Edge without a watch cap.

I just downloaded the Christmas pictures from the camera.  The new episode of Welcome to Night Vale has had its commercials amputated and awaits loading on the MP3 player.

I got a second internet radio, my Christmas present from me to me.  It was delivered yesterday.  This one is made by Grace is not as sophisticated as the Squeezebox made by Logitech. (It was also cheaper.) The Grace’s big deal is that it comes set up to play Pandora (I can’t stand Pandora) but it also plays hundreds of “preloaded” internet radio stations, and lets you add others that aren’t on the list. (There are a bunch of “preloaded”  BBC Radio stations available that I’ll have to check out.)  It came with a rinky-dink little remote control.  (I could buy a remote for the Logitech  but it’s $50)  Three things I really like about the Grace versus the Squeezebox:  The Grace’s display can be turned completely off so that it emits no light whatever. It also has a setting where it will turn the display off after x number of seconds from the last operation of a control.  It’s going on my bedside table.  The second thing I really like is that it has a sleep timer.  The third thing I really like about it is that it has a headphone jack.  The one big thing I don’t like about the Grace is that it will not play Rhapsody.  My Squeezebox will.  Anyway, I’ve got it set up and signed onto my WiFi, and all I have to do is move it into the bedroom.  Now I can go to sleep listening to internet radio.  I may or may not be able to get it to play the Welcome to Night Vale podcasts.  The Squeezebox has a website where you can add things and access things and load apps and whatnot.  The Grace has a website, too.  I put the feed on the podcast thing on the website, but I haven’t tried to access it yet.

I also got a Roku 2 Streaming Player  so I can watch things like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc. on my TV.  My two TVs are dinosaurs.  They’ve both got cathode ray tubes.  They are not, by any stretch of the imagination, flat.   They’re huge, and they weigh a ton.  They’re both 32 inch diagonals so they have nice big screens.  Needless to say, they are not internet ready.  That’s where this little gizmo comes in. It works by WiFi, and you plug it into the TV just like you would a VCR or DVD player.  It has a remote control, and the remote has a headphone jack.  I have cable hooked up to the TV in the living room.  The other TV, which is the one I want to put this on, is in my office.  I have my DVD player hooked up to that TV, but it’s got enough plug-ins for three devices, so I’m cool on that score, too.  That TV is right next to the common wall I share with unit A (I live in a duplex), but that one has a headphone jack and I have a pair of headphones plugged into it. They’re all gone during the day — they both work and their kids are in daycare — but I tend to keep weird hours — to begin with, I’m a nightWOL by nature, which is why I didn’t mind working nights for about 20 years.  Try as I will to be a daytwink, if left to my own devices, I tend to skew back around to that schedule.  I’m sure my neighbors would not appreciate me watching TV while they’re trying to sleep, hence the headphones.

I should fold up the load of clothes in the dryer. I’ll see if I can do it without the cat this time.  I folded up a load earlier which had a goodly number of unmentionables in it.  The white cat seemed to think folding them was a two-player game.

In the process of plugging in the Roku thingie, I discovered a kitty ball.  The white one has been playing with it, and singing about it.